LarryLawrence Acheampong a utility member of the Brazil 2014 Secretariat operational team has told the Commission of Inquiry that Monique Catering Services lied prostate when she was a offered a contract.

Giving his testimony to the commission on Monday, Mr. Lawrence Acheampong said he was taken aback with the way and manner in which the three catering service providers gave their side of the story before the commission.

“My lord when people come here and you hear them say we did it because of Ghana it’s pathetic because my lord I was surprised at the way the caterers used one voice to present their case here.”

“When we gave them the contract to sign on that particular day I can tell you that none of them raised an eyebrow and I’ll give you the scenario’s.”

“Kenkey boutique was wowed by the contract and she even said am I going to get all this money in three weeks”?

“And my lord, as for Monique she wanted to lie prostate before the committee when she saw her contract. As for Amber catering services you know she has been doing this for some time so she was just ok but she didn’t raise any issue before the committee,” he said.

According to Mr. Lawrence Acheampong he did not occupy any specific position in any of the committees and the sub-committees but he saw himself as the eye, ears and mouth of the then minister responsible for sports.

“My lord I was not a member of any of the committees but I was the eyes and ears of the minister,” he told the commission.

“You said you were the eyes and ears of the minister did it also include the mouth?,” Justice Dzamefe quizzed.

“Yes my lord,” he replied.

In his testimony, Mr. Acheampong listed some items that they bought for the caterers to cook with in a Brazilian super market including ‘fish thighs,’ which caught the commissioners and the audience pant wetting.

James K. Attaglo Wilson ([email protected])



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