The Teachers in the Upper West Region are facing a lot of difficulties concerning language barrier and they deem the situation as the worst of all as compare to other regions they have been.

They therefore wish the minister of education will intervene and implement a proper strategy to make education enjoyable by paving way to use our local dialect, because, language barrier has chock the effectiveness and trace of acquiring good grades in the Upper West region.


In an exclusive interview with some of the Teachers, they confirmed to that, language barrier in the upper west region is very high in the sense that, the majority of students don’t understand English language neither the Twi, contrary to the teachers, so it has become a great challenge for them to teach the student to pass.

It has been the efforts of some one or two students to interpret or translate the English language into their Local dialect before they can score a mark.

They added, the level of attendance is like a drop of water because, the students prefer going to farm than schooling and sometimes, during lessons, their parents intrude in and ask of a child to go to the farm because they have no insight for education.

However, the district education directors in the region are aware and if they permit a teach who speaks their languages to teach, the students will not be serious to learn the English language.

It was confirmed to the teachers during inspection to know their performance and attendance of students, but they have never thought of solving that problem.

By:Sammy Adjei/