Lands Commission
Lands Commission

Mr Wilson Kwesi Opoku, Acting Director of Survey and Mapping Division of the Lands Commission, has expressed grave concern over the activities of fake surveyors in the system.

Lands Commission
Lands Commission

He said the division was beset with many challenges, including people parading themselves as surveyors, and his outfit was developing a mechanism to get rid of them.


?Quack surveyors is another area of concern, they fake signatures of some licensed surveyors?and we are trying to develop a system to streamline the place,? Mr Opoku told the Judgement Debt Commission on Wednesday.

He said the system under consideration would only recognize licensed surveyors, and would not permit anybody at all to use the specially designed instrument to carry out survey and mapping work.

He said the survey and mapping division was also faced with the challenge of acute staff shortage, vis-a-vis rising volume of work.

?People are retiring every year, but government says no more replacement, meanwhile the volume of work continues to increase, while staff number is dwindling,? he informed the Commission.

He said until recently that the survey and mapping division had Global Positioning System which has made its work relatively easier, it was using the old method for mapping and surveying, which took time and required a lot more people.



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