Kian Moini
Kian Moini

Lamudi is expanding its presence in Africa and the Middle East, as house-hunters in the emerging markets embrace online property search.

Kian Moini
Kian Moini

Lamudi is now available in four additional countries: Qatar, Gabon, Angola and the Republic of Congo. The expansion sees Lamudi, a global real estate website which operates exclusively in the emerging markets, expand its portfolio to cover 32 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Kian Moini, Lamudi?s Co-Founder and Managing Director revealed that since the introduction of the platform in 2013, Lamudi has grown at breathtaking speed.

The website, he indicated is now available in more than 30 countries in the emerging markets, offering house-hunters from Mozambique to Mexico access to over 800,000 global property listings.

?This latest expansion comes after a thorough assessment of the state of the property sectors in these four countries. In each case, we see thriving real estate industries that are beginning to switch online, creating demand for the high-quality property portal that Lamudi offers.?

In mid-2014, Lamudi released Android and iOS apps in a bid to meet the growing demand for mobile internet services in developing countries. The company released its first research report on emerging market real estate in November, with plans to make the project an annual initiative.



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