Lamar Odom is reportedly unhappy about Khloe Kardashian leaving him for James Harden. According to Radar Online, the former NBA star feels tricked by Khloe into signing documents to call off their divorce.

“Khloe stopped by Cedars Sinai over the weekend to check in on Lamar and his recovery. The visit was short and brief because Lamar is very angry with Khloe for several reasons,” a source told the news outlet. “Mainly, he was upset that she left the previous weekend to go to Houston to spend time with her boyfriend, James Harden. James is a very tense subject between Khloe and Lamar.”

“Lamar also says that he feels that he was tricked by Khloe into signing the documents to drop the divorce,” the source revealed. Of why Lamar feels tricked by Khloe, “He said there was the implication that it would be the beginning of a reconciliation, but that was obviously a lie,” the source explained.

The source claimed that Lamar was also angry at Kris Jenner whom he thought “masterminding” his move to L.A. hospital. “His anger is also aimed at Kris Jenner, who he seems to think told Khloe to take the drastic move to control the situation. It’s all about ratings for ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’,” said the source.

Meanwhile, the former Los Angeles Lakers basketball star is said to be no longer in the ICU. Given that his health continues to improve, he is “expressing a desire to get out of Cedars and go back to Las Vegas,” the source dished. “He doesn’t want any of his health crisis to be on television, so the sooner he can get out of Los Angeles, the better.”



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