In an exclusive interview with In Touch magazine, Lamar Odom opens up about his complicated relationship with Khloé and the Karadashians – and responds to Khloé’s recent claims about their reality show, Khloé & Lamar.

Khloé has recently revealed that their spin-off series was Lamar’s idea.

“I guess you could say she’s right. It was my idea,” Lamar exclusively confirms to In Touch. “I wanted to do the show; I thought it would be fun.”

Lamar tells In Touch he is still on good terms with his ex. “I just texted her yesterday. I don’t think she hates me even though she has every reason to. I definitely don’t hate her.”

He also admits he would be “absolutely” open to doing another reality show if asked. “If someone came to me with an opportunity, I would do it,” Lamar, 37, tells In Touch.

“Me traveling a lot. Meeting people, making a spectacle with my personality,” Lamar tells In Touch of what the show would focus on.