And that’s because he loves and adore her so much that he decided to remain faithful, hoping that one day, Khloe would accept him back. 
?Lamar never, not once, got into a serious relationship with any girl once Khloe left him,? says Hollywood Life’s insider. ?His heart always was with her.
?He may have got a lot of things wrong but one thing he did right was not get himself involved in a serious relationship and flaunt some meaningless chick around.
?Even in his darkest hour, he had that much respect for his wife and he hopes she knows that.?He loves her and will play it cool and wait on her to come back to him when she?s ready.?


Khloe separated from Lamar and filed for divorce after he cheated on her with other women in their marriage. 
His excessive partying and alleged drug use also had a hand in their woes.  

The question is that; since he’s now willing to change and treat Khloe better, will she accept him back?


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