Laide Bakare
Laide Bakare

As the news of Laide Bakare’s rich husband’s alleged fraud case is spreading fast in the media,?her ex-husband Olumide Okufulure, who she dumped to marry Lagos Big Boy, Tunde Orilowo, got wind of the fact that her new husband is on the run and has been declared wanted by the EFCC.
Olumide, a US-based businessman, has blasted Laide Bakare. See what he said below:
“You see, Laide has just started. She hasn’t even reached where she’s going. She will soon leave this Alhaji because she likes a comfortable place. I heard she claims that I don’t have money. Now she’s where she can get money…
“When I met her, she was driving a Celica. I bought her a 2 million Chrysler car. When she had our child, I bought a first-class ticket for her to bring our baby. I later bought Infinity Jeep that she gave her younger sibling.
“When she was about to marry me, it was the money she saw. When she came to America, I bought her a 4matic Benz. Laide isn’t a good person, she is yet to see God’s wrath.”

The man also said he has found a new woman who is not too money conscious and they are getting married.


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