Orders operators to ensure compliance with all necessary regulations

The Lagos State government will begin impounding commercial vehicles not painted in the state’s colours of red or yellow with black stripes, the Commissioner for Transportation, Kayode Opeifa, disclosed on Tuesday.

In a statement signed by Ajirotutu Titilayo, the Press and Public Relations Officer of the Ministry, Opeifa said the move was in line with the ongoing transformation programme in the transport sector and urged commercial bus drivers to comply with the directive or face the wrath of the law.

The state government has directed enforcement agencies, including LASTMA, Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) and the Ministry’s Task Force, to impound any commercial bus that violates the directive.

Opeifa said regardless of the status of the vehicle, no inscription should be written on any intra-state commercial bus operating in the metropolis and all commercial buses must be duly registered with a commercial number plate and hackney permit issued by the appropriate authority in the state.

The Commissioner said the state government had decided to enforce the law to restore sanity on the roads and ensure the protection of lives and property of residents.

All mini-buses, popularly known as Danfo, are expected to be painted in yellow with black stripes, while the mass transit buses with two doors should be painted in the approved red colour.

The only vehicles excluded are those authorised to ply Victoria Island and its environs in an approved colour. However, Opeifa said such bus owners must re-register through the various registration offices within the state.

The commissioner also reiterated that illegal parking, driving on the kerb, median, walkway, BRT corridor, one-way, making illegal u-turns and picking or dropping of passengers at un-designated  stops were prohibited.

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