In order to ensure water transportation and implementation of general safety and security on its waterways, the Lagos State Government has completed dredging and channelization of Ijegun-Egba and Ebute-Ojo axis.
According to the Managing Director, Lagos Waterways Authority, Mr Olayinka Marinho, ?Marker buoys (waterways ?road? signs and lights) were also provided to aid navigation and passage along the channel.
?What this means is that the channel along this axis is with adequate water depths, signs and lights which is now safer for boat users.
?To navigate safely using the marker buoys which are placed in pairs, boaters should pass between the red and green buoys. All waterways users will be educated on the appropriate use of the marked channel and the importance of the placement of the marker buoys.?
According to him, the public has also been notified that it is a criminal offence to cause any damage or hindrance to the proper operation of any navigational aid.
He said: ?Alteration, defacement, movement or destruction of any navigational aid as well as tying a vessel to a buoy, marker or light structure are prohibited.
?Anchoring so close to an aid such that the aid is obstructed (hidden) from sight of another vessel should also be avoided. All intentional or unintentional collisions with navigational aids must be reported to Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA).
?Efforts are also being made to improve safety and security on other major waterway routes. However, the channelization of Ikorodu axis (including marker buoys) would be completed by end of third quarter this year.
?The state is providing safer and navigable routes to improve the socio-economic activities along the state?s waterways.
?People on water need to realise that a life jacket is their only lifeline on the water. Always wear your life jackets? your ?Seat Belt?? on the water. So, travel water, travel safe.?


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