A printer?in the?Shomolu area of Lagos State, Oriyomi Olubode, has petitioned the State Police Commissioner over alleged threat to his life by a police inspector and some gangsters.

In a petition dated July 3, 2012, Olubode?asked the commissioner, Umar Manko, to investigate the inspector, identified as Rasak, who is attached to the B OPS department.

The petitioner alleged that Rasak, in connivance with some gangsters in Shomolu led by one Femi Akinboyeku aka Femi J?pron, attacked and later?tortured him in a police cell.

He said the incident occurred on June 3, 2012, when he was accosted by some gangsters who identified him as a friend of one Ibrahim Adeyeye whom J’pron had always seen as enemy that must be eliminated because of the refusal of the former to pay him?and accept him as the de facto head of ?gangsters in the area.

“They forcefully stopped the vehicle at Bailey Street, Abule Oja at gun point and ordered all of us in the vehicle to step out,” he said.

“They ransacked the vehicle and ordered the three other occupants to get down?from the vehicle, while I was asked to lie on the ground. They beat the hell out of me, using bottle and the butt of their gun to inflict injuries on me.”

Olubode, in the petition, alleged that the gang abducted him and took him to a secluded street with the intention to kill him.

He said the gang stopped short of killing him because of the chances that somebody might have seen them beating him.

Olubode also alleged that J’pron phoned Inspector Rasak and informed him that one of his enemies had been apprehended.

“Barely thirty minutes later, Inspector Rasak came with his team. Without asking any question he started inflicting more injuries on me with the butt of his gun,” Olubode alleged.

“Later, Femi J?pron gave an unspecified amount of money to him (Inspector Rasak)?and I was quickly labeled an armed robber.”

Olubode said he was taken to two police stations and rejected on both occasions by officers on duty, with some demanding to see the complainant as well.

According to the petitioner, Rasak got angry and boasted to have the support of the Deputy Commissioner?of Police, in charge of operations, Tunde Subolu.

“One of the police officers accused him of always bringing innocent people to dump at the station, he became frustrated and beat the hell out of me with the assistance of other police officers with him,” he said.

In his petition, Olubode also appealed to the commissioner of police to check the excesses of Inspector Rasak and bring the gangs?in Shomolu to book.

The petitioner said he was later taken to Ikeja Command Headquarters at 11.30pm and released shortly after.

“I learnt Mr. Subolu ordered my release?after my uncle called him and informed him of my plight in the hands of J’pron and his cohorts led by?Inspector Rasak,” he said.

He also alleged that he lost “N160,000, a wrist watch worth N25,000, my Nokia valued at N15,000, gold chain valued at N60,000 and other items.”

“My shirt and trouser were taken away from me,” he added in his petition.

“Sir, I want your good office to please ask Inspector Rasak to produce all these characters that attacked, robbed,, abducted and humiliated me.”

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