Ladies, Never Fall In Love With A Poor Man Says Nigerian Actress “Shan George”

I really hate it when Celebs make these kind of comments, they might as well have their reason but one bad nut cannot spoil the good nuts people don’t choose to be poor and the fact that someone is poor don’t mean he can’t fall in love and fall well. Maybe she has other reasons. This is how News1Ghana reports it.

Nollywood actress Shan George has reportedly confessed she is one woman who does not tolerate men who lack strong financial background.

She was captured in Nollywood media for encouraging other women from marrying poor men. Her reason was a bit ambiguous but she tried to say that poor men are not entitled to the good things of life.

“Never fall in love with a poor man, because money would always be more important to him than your heart,” quoted the beautiful actress.

It is interesting how such a comment is coming from Shan, whose life is one filled with struggles. Over the years, she managed to maintain a very positive life.

After her bad relationships with men, she never gave up. Shan was married off to her ex-husband on her 16th birthday by the norms of her village.

She was by then really excited about the marriage proposal. To her, as a young girl growing up in a village without electricity, getting married and going to live in “township” with her husband was not just very exciting but a plus. But later, she realized that not all that glittered was gold.

Later, she realized that one needed to be mature and ready for marriage. As a young girl, she had high hopes of going to the university to read law.

Four years into the marriage with two kids, there was no talk about her going back to school to become that person that she wanted to become.

She then became an unhappy person. Suddenly, she realized that if she stayed on in that marriage, she would never realize her dreams.

After six years in the marriage, she woke up one morning on 6th May 1991, with N2, 400 in her bag and left her husband’s house in Ojodu.

She had to leave without her kids because she didn’t know where she was going then. That marked the beginning of the Shan George on the screens today.

After a long struggle and with determination, she managed to go to school and also break into Nollywood.

During the latter part of 2010, the light-skinned Nollywood diva created the impression as though she was not sure about settling down to remarry.

She told Nigeria’s Compass newspaper that her hope and everything depended on what God had destined for her.

But reports in January 2011 said that Shan George had remarried. It was a low-key wedding ceremony.

According to, Shan confirmed the wedding herself and maintained that she made her wedding silent for the sake of its success.

Apart from photographs of Shan and her man displayed on, no details of the man have been made available.

Indeed, Shan George is one of the best and down-to-earth actresses. She is admired for her courage and never-say-die attitude.

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