The Chief Executive Officer of Blessed Driving Schools Mr. Frank Awuah has stated that the major cause of road accidents and carnages on our roads is due to the fact that individuals who want to learn driving have resorted using unauthorized route to breast the hundred meter tape.

According to him, individuals prefer to learn driving without going to driving school for proper training.

This he said is the major cause of accidents on our roads.

?Most of the accidents on our roads happen because our drivers don?t have the formal training before sitting behind the steering wheels?.

He underscored the fact that most of the individuals who don?t go through the proper training don?t even know the road signs let alone show discipline on our roads.

Taking this reporter through the rudiments of driving, Mr. Awuah said the roads signs on the roads are to help drivers and pedestrians who ply that road adding that road safety is a collaborative effort between drivers and pedestrians.

He further noted that if a doctor makes mistake only one person dies but if a driver make mistake many lives would be lost as a result of that.

He however encouraged the general public to inculcate the attitude of learning driving through the driving school process other than the other way round.

Mr. Awuah? reiterated the fact that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority(DVLA) has taken a good initiative by introducing the? computer? testing exams for individuals who would want to learn driving? adding that it will do away with connections? in? securing license.

?With the Computer examination if you fail you fail?.

According to him, one reason why people don?t want to use the driving school as a mean of learning is the driving bur rather resorting to dubious means is that the driving school is expensive.

?With Blessed Driving School, we help you secure the license after the driving lessons are over sp ours is different from others.

Mr. Awuah hinted that he has been in the driving school business for years now having about four branches, the Kasoa branch, Mamprobi, Nyanyano branch among other.

He however called on the general public to resort to using the driving School as a means to learning driving instead of the rough way.




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