Lack Of Broadband Detrimental To ICT Devt ? NCC
Wed, 22/08/2012 ? 12:38am | EVELYN OKORUWA Labour Matters Business

The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Telecommunications Commission (NCC), Mr. Eugene Juwah, says that if Nigeria misses out on the current trend in broadband technology, she will suffer? huge developmental loss.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on the ITU World conference coming up in October, he also stated that broadband technology is geared towards bringing developing countries into the knowledge economy.

The EVC explained the importance of the ITU, saying that the body was responsible for the rules and regulations guiding telecommunications, deals with the questions of enacting exact standards and allocating frequencies to different parts of the world.

? The ITU world telecoms conference will address issues of ICT in a very big way and give opportunity for telecoms companies to exhibit products and show case to the whole world what? they are offering,?? the EVC explained while adding that the conference would provide the opportunity to showcase projects and also learn from countries which have implemented similar projects.

?We are going to specifically have a Nigerian pavillion at the event to showcase to the world what Nigeria has achieved in the telecom arena.? Juwah said

He also hinted that broadband is going to be the center of technology in years to come, saying that broadband in itself is not only data but encompasses voice and video. The present trend of technology, according to him, is to? provide a one-on-one communication.

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