Today the Gubernatorial candidate of Labour party for the incoming election in Anambra state,Chief Ifeanyi Ubah?went on campaign rally to UKPOR with 2 TANKERS OF DPK [KEROSINE] AND PMS [FUEL], HE assembled people at the Town Shrine for campaign ,despite the fact that Ukpor Town made a resolution that nobody should use the shrine for Campaign any longer, but IFEANYI sorted his way out and the permission to use the venue was granted to him.
uba_madukaHe went to the campaign rally armed with the Fuel ,then ask those that came to free FUEL AND KEROSINE to go and bring VOTERS CARD ,when they came with it ,he ask them to swore allegiance and pledge their votes to him,after they they will dip hand and take out a piece of ballot from the SHRINE BOX ,if you pick the one written Kerosene, they will give you Kero for Free and if it is Fuel ,you will get Fuel for free.
As the exercise was going on, a SWAM OF BEES swoop out from the Shrine and sting the light out of people who dispersed into many directions.The Villagers are still confused on why Ifeanyi desecrated the Shrine which provoked the SWAM OF BEES and it maybe because the gods are not buyable or they have rejected Ifeanyi and his OVER LABOUR PARTY.
AMCON is a Federal Government BUY OUT Company ,who ?presently took over CAPITAL OIL AND GAS to enable them see if they can eliminate the debt of the company which is above 120 BILLION NAIRA ,which was incured under the Former Chairman and CEO Chief Ifeanyi Ubah,who is a Big and reckless spender.


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