A legal action has been filled against the Government of Ghana over a bungalow that is being occupied by Cuban doctors working with the 37 Military Hospital in Accra.

According to the plaintiff, Mr. Kwasi Boateng Tamakloe, the owner of Labone Coffee shop in Accra, the bungalow at plot No_68, Cantonments Residential Area belongs to him. He said he bought the land on which the bungalow is situated at GH¢400,000.00 and had since finished the payment and completion of all other documents on the said property.

He claims that the doctors are illegally occupying the bungalow because they do not have any proof of ownership to the property and all the necessary steps which have been taken to have his property have proved futile, hence the court action.

The defendants in this case are the Government of Ghana being represented by the Attorney General Department, the Chairman of the Greater Accra Lands Commission and the occupants of the bungalow, who are the Cuban Doctors.

Now the question we must be asking ourselves is who sold the land to Mr. Kwasi Tamakloe, and how legitimate are his claims over the said parcel of land?

Here is a man who paid an initial amount of GH¢400,000.00 for the said property in January 2009 and only completed the full payment last year April, and is now resorting to court action to eject doctors who have been using the bungalow for a period of only God knows.

It must be recalled that doctors from Cuba have been in Ghana on request of the government of Ghana and Ministry of Health since 1980(s). These doctors have served in various capacities of the health sector as well as delivered health care in the remotest parts of the country. The rational of government’s request is to augment human resources in the health ministry for effective health delivery.

Ghanaians should not forget that during the erstwhile Kuffour administration, rampant sale and grabbing of state lands was the order of the day especially during the latter part of the regime.

This singular action by the Kuffour government has plundered the NDC government into several lawsuits against fishy landed property owners to retrieve the state lands.

The Ga state also joined in the fight to re-claim their land.

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