Are you down on your luck and happen to see DMX in the nearby vicinity? There is a good chance he may uplift you with a few of his favorite Bible passages as he did outside of the Wi Jammin? Restaurant in L.A.TMZ captured video of the rapper born Earl Simmons reciting passages from the Holy Bible to a woman whom TMZ states informed DMX that she was going through hardships.

This impromptu sermon was not delivered simply by a multi-platinum rap artist but also an ordained deacon. Last September, DMX was ordained as a deacon in New York state at Morning Star Baptist Church in Yonkers, NY where DMX frequented.

In an interview with GlobalGrind, DMX explained the life changes it takes to become a deacon:

The biggest step is not in the studying, reading, but the wanting to change the way you live. Wanting different things for yourself, and making that change because if you still want to drink and smoke, you could read as much as you want, that doesn?t mean you?re ready.


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