Nana Hema Dokua
Nana Hema Dokua

By Samuel Ansah Boateng

Just after the expose? on how a self-styled ?Blind Messiah?, Samuel Kwapong Darko, confined about 60 kids in a single-room in Otoase-Nsawam, in the Eastern Region, and guised them as needy orphans, many are those who were touched by the plight of the kids and reached out to support the kids in various ways.

Nana Hema Dokua
Nana Hema Dokua

One of those who felt ?touched? and used various platforms to secure funds for the self-styled ?Blind Messiah? is Nana Hema Dokua, one of the sub Queen-Mothers in Kyebi, in the Eastern Region, who also doubles as the founder of ?Nana Hema Dokua foundation?, a non-governmental organization.

Despite her purpoted ?positive? intentions, many concerned Ghanaian nationals, based in the United Kingdom have expressed disquiet over the modus operandi Nana Hema Dokua had employed in making appeals for funds, both in cash and kind.

Nana Hema Dokua was caught on a video making appeal to philanthropists, to assist her cater for ?orphans in Otoase who, some were blind and others Mongols.?

The Queen-mother, in her passionate appeal said she had looked after the orphans for about three years until it was closed down by government, and that she had once solicited for a track full of clothes from Italy for the said orphans, until it was blocked by the queen mother of the area, one Nana Aboamah (II), Who was rumored to have demanded 60% of every donation that was sent to the orphanage.

But Nana Awuku Djan, one of Aburi?s traditional rulers, now based in London, believes Nana Hema Dokua had not been fair to her fellow Queen- Mother by spreading falsehood against her.

He said it was very uncultured, for a Queen-mother to lie against her fellow, and however threatened to summon her (Nana Dokua) before the council of chiefs and elders in the Akyem traditional area, if she did not publicly apologize.

?I am truly shocked and disgusted not only at the incredible lack of professionalism , but also at the manner in which she as a queen mother presented herself and therefore portrayed our culture to an audience that may not entirely consist of Ghanaians?furthermore, our culture dictates that no chief or Queen may be embarrassed in such public manner.? He added.

Naa Tsotsoo Sayoo (I), the Gyasehema of the Ga traditional area, who also spoke to this reporter from her UK base, on her part said ?what Nana Hemaa Dokua did was very disgraceful even in her capacity as a
Queen Mother?.she is a Queen Mother and has to respect herself and others ?.using lies to obtain money and gifts from others is fraudulent?it is criminal?why would you describe kids who now has even been exposed as not orphans, as Mongols and blind when they are not?….if she was indeed pursuing a genuine course why would she then use lies?even regarding the children as orphans, blind and Mongols is a disregard against their dignity and right, and it has to be taking seriously if indeed we love the children and not using certain platforms to make money out of them?.? She opined.

Interestingly, independent investigations conducted by this reporter, leading to the revelation that the kids guised as orphans were not, as was pictured by some media houses and the ?blind messiah? Samuel Kwapong Darko, yours truly, the New Crusading GUIDE, per evidence recorded in powerful detail, and even with additional files from the Social Welfare Department can attest to the fact that there was no such child who was neither a Mongol nor blind.

Samuel Kwapong Darko, the blind proprietor of the orphanage is currently in court over charges of operating an illegal facility and as well refusing to comply with a Social Welfare?s Department order; to close down the orphanage.


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