Accra, Ghana?s capital, has about 30 radio stations competing for listenership among a rather small radio audience; thus, making it a hard task for new entrants to gain visibility and make any meaningful impact.

Kwesi-Aboagye-620x300Despite the proliferation of radio stations and the competition for audience, one of the newest entrants, Neat 100.9 Fm, seems to have found a magic wand attracting listeners to its morning show, ?Ghana Mon Tie?, hosted by Kwesi Aboagye.
?Ghana Mo Tie? is the newest programme on Neat Fm after about a year of transmission but has surprisingly become the most popular programme and flagship of the station.

News One, after weeks of meticulous monitoring, observed that unlike other morning shows in the capital city, ?Ghana Mo Tie? on Neat Fm does not adhere to any strict format but has a rather flexible style which changes on a daily basis, thereby making it impossible for listeners to predict what is in store for each day?s show.

While other morning shows have a fixed segment for panel discussion of current affairs for the day, ?Ghana Mo Tie? on Neat Fm sometimes has a segment for panel discussion and at other times does not.

Interestingly, the programme does not have fixed days for bringing in a panel. The decision to bring in a panel or not is often based on the discretion of the producers.

It has adopted a sort of ?spring a surprise on your listeners? type of attitude, which seems to be working well and keeping listeners in suspense until the show ends.

The interactive and feedback segment between host and listeners also seems to be another area of priority for the show, as it makes ample time available for that.

?The experience has been very interesting. Of course, interesting in the sense that although this is not the first time I am hosting a talk programme and more especially breakfast show on radio, this one is quite huge because one has the task of making something out of nothing by building a listenership base for an entirely new morning show,? Kwesi Aboagye told News One.

Another significant feature unique to ?Ghana Mo Tie? is the newspaper review segment. All the other morning shows seem to bring this segment at the beginning of the programme, but ?Ghana Mo Tie? reviews newspaper headlines all through the show while the host interlaces it with his own style of short but punchy interviews with relevant stakeholders on current issues of the day.

Kwesi Aboagye said so far the feedback has been encouraging and that the prospects are very positive.
?Feedback has been positive as well but that certainly does not make us complacent, as there is more to do to the Neat Fm morning show to make it count as a must-listen-to morning show in the capital.

?I have high hopes for myself and the programme as a whole; and with the help and support of everyone at the Despite Group, we believe it will be one of the morning shows that you can rely on for your morning dose of information. So I can say the prospects look positive,? he told News One.

Neat Fm is a relatively small station as compared to the others from the stables of the Despite Group. However, it still managed to gain a rating at the recent Ipsos survey done on radio audience in Accra.

Several other stations in and around Accra could not make the minimal mark to earn a rating in the survey.
Kwesi Aboagye, a lawyer in the making, is very popular and has a huge radio audience. He hosts the Peace Fm Entertainment Review show rated as the biggest and most popular entertainment programme on radio.


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