Ghana’s sensational fetish priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, is suffering a broken heart over misunderstandings with the love of his life, Gertrude, a pretty-faced London-based Ghanaian studying at the University of Greenwich.
News-One sources said Bonsam and Gertrude had dated for well over a year now and the lady had given him the option of either taking her to the altar this year or forever hold his peace.
Reports said Bonsam and Gertrude were expected to exchange marriage vows by October last year but the fetish priest postponed the marriage ceremony to an indefinite date, citing spiritual reasons.
During his recent trip to Amsterdam, he was said to have dashed to Londom to see the lady and again found an excuse why he could not sign his marriage contract with her right there in London.
Gertrude is reported to have become impatient and consulted a few elders to implore Bonsam to marry hr if he really loved her, as the postponement was making her nervous. Gertrude and Bonsam are reported to be head-over-heels in love and can hardly spend a day without talking on phone, though they stay millions of miles apart.
Bonsam’s inability to settle on the exact time of their marriage is what has created a misunderstanding in their otherwise perfect love life. Gertrude, aka Trudie, News-One gathered, is an Ashanti who was born in Ghana but grew up in London and has lived there her entire life.
Sometime last year, Gertrude was at Bonsam’s Sarpeiman shrine in Accra and News-One succeeded in getting a few comments from her concerning her relationship with the fetish priest.
“Well it is a matter of love and understanding. I am very impressed at what he is doing and since we understand each other and have fallen in love, getting married should not be a problem.
“That is why I came down to see things for myself and I am proud to tell you that yes I shall get married to Kwaku Bonsam soon,” she told News-One in a flawless London accent.
She sounded very learned, intelligent, humble and had the type of physical beauty not common among the wives of fetish priests.
Bonsam, on his part, spoke in Twi: “Marriage is a good thing and every man that finds a good wife has found a good thing. I have suggested we do both the traditional marriage as well as the church (ordinance) one”
Not too long ago, Nana Kwaku Bonsam divorced his youngest and second wife. The fetish priest and the woman, whose name as simply given as Maame, were said to have two children but their marriage of many years hit he rocks. The lady had to pack bag and baggage and leave her matrimonial home to her father’s house.
Though Bonsam confirmed the divorce, he declined giving details about the cause of the break-up, aside saying that he was a polygamist and that God would bless him with another wife in a short time. When asked which God he was referring to, the fetish priest said he was referring to the Supreme Being who created mankind.
News-One however learnt that the cause of the split started three years ago when Maame challenged Bonsam in public that there was nothing he could do to her even if she disrespected him.
The fetish priest was said to have taken the challenge personal and cursed his wife, causing her to go naked in public. Maame was said to have raised her skirts and walked around for about 10 minutes or so before coming back to her senses.
Bonsam and the wife were said to have had disagreements since then until she had another disagreement with Bonsam’s mother. The disagreement with her mother-in-law, coupled with others, led to the final separation.


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