Kwaw Ansah

The Chairman of TV Africa, Mr. Kwaw Ansah has remarked that Ghana?s once vibrant creative arts industry is currently on life support due to years of neglect in spite of the documented evidence of the important role arts played in the development of nations.

He was speaking at a dialogue session of the 4th Ghana Policy Fair under theme ?Promoting the creative Arts to Accelerate National development? last Thursday where several industry players and the general citizenry shared ideas on how to revamp the industry to ensure development in the country.

The renowned producer bemoaned the level of attention being given to foreign artistes to the marginalization of local acts which according to him kills their confidence and encourages them to drift away from the relevant story telling music to making unnecessary, profane and disrespectful ones.

?we cannot develop our film industry when our television and radio stations are encouraged to patronize more foregin programs to fill their programming time. Further more, The psychological damage of our creative arts can be so overwhelming that all the monies we might make from these cheap imports cannot be enough to cure the brain damage to our creative arts. That is the real cost of the cheap creative imports we are so eagerly consuming.?

?Our soothing and vibrant songs that carried a lot of lyrical wisdom, personal life experience, be it love or the struggles of life and told the stories of our heroes and heroines and filled our spirits with refreshing melodies and love and spoke to our aspirations has been replaced with music that neither make reference to who we are as a people or the relevant impacts on our development.?

He further entreated government and private organizations to find ways of portraying artistic impressions of renowned Ghanaian artistes through various media easily accessible by young people so they could be inspired to love and be proud of their identity as Ghanaians.

While challenging Ghanaians to see the development of the industry as a collective responsibility,  Mr. Ansah called on government to support the industry saying it holds good prospects to higher income generation for the country and creation of several jobs.

The session attracted industry big names such as Mr. David Dontoh, Uncle Ebo Whyte, Hon. Dzifa Gomashie, Hon. Elizabeth Ofosu-Agyare, Hon. Felix Ofosu Kwakye, Hon. Mahama Ayariga, Dzifa Glikpo and many others.

Source: 233livenews


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