School Children

School Children

Abdulrazaq O Hamzat, Ilorin

The Kwara state best literature students that emerged in each of the participating schools that took part in the inter school quiz competition organized by the National Association of Ekiti (Kwara) Students (NAEKS) in Anglican Comprehensive High School Oke-Opin which took place some months ago were rewarded with N5000 gift.

The reward was given to the students last week by barrister Abiodun Dada at the event of the end of the year celebration of the Community secondary school, Etan in Ekiti Local Government Area of kwara was full of fun and excitement when the legal practitioner who had earlier promised to reward best literature students in each school stormed the venue as a guest speaker as well as to fulfil his pledge.

Some of the recipients present at the occasion received their reward of N5000 each as promised and others who were unavoidably absent due to distance got theirs through their school authority, this was done as a means of encouragement and in other to further urged the students to dedicate their time and energy towards becoming great literary icon in Nigeria.

According to Barrister Dada, the task of nurturing future?s leaders today is what we are to address in this text and to breed is to nurture, grow and raise something from its nothing position to something position where such a thing can be useful at its highest output, adding that, in this context, breeding tomorrow?s leaders imply nurturing and raising future leaaders in order to help them achieve their best which will in turn affect the society at large.

Explaining his reasons for holding the students in such an high esteem, the legal practitioner stated that, It is good to start by saying the future of every country lies in the potentials of her inhabitants especially the leaders of such a country who are not only responsible for what the prospects of the country today, but also responsible for laying the foundation for the prospect of the country tomorrow. He added that, the foundation is laid by the quality of input made by the leaders in the lives of her young ones. Therefore, a country?s future potential is more dependent on its leader?s ability to invest in the young ones. He said.

As someone that the youths look up to as a leader, the Barrister said, the task ahead of us today is how we would prepare our young ones who are leaders of tomorrow to be able to face future the challenges, adding that, the reward was necessary in other to ensure young people get committed to acquiring the required knowledge.

He also advised parents not be scared in putting all they have in the education of their children, as it is often said, readers are leaders and that children of today are leaders of tomorrow. In his words,

?? for us as parents, brothers, sisters, people and country, we can breed tomorrow?s leaders today by investing in education of our young ones, especially children.

Mr. Kehinde D, the principal of one of the participating schools who expressed his delight at such reward noted that, students get more encouraged to work harder when they get challenged to do so, especially with such rewards.

He commended the Barrister for his love and contribution towards the educational upliftment of the Nigerian and Kwara State students.

Some of the students that receive the reward include, Shittu Morufu from Osi central secondary school, Obebe Ayobami from Epe Community secondary school etc.

Some of the participating schools include Osi Central secondary school, Muslim Community secondary school, Anglican Comprehensive high school Oke- Opin and many others.


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