Baffuor Adu Gyamfi Kumanim, the? Chief of Kwapra? a suburb of Kumasi? said after the country? had? gone through? yet another peaceful elections, what? the country needs? now is for? everybody? to contribute? meaningfully? to enhance? acceleration?? of national? ?growth ?irrespective? of? one?s political? affiliation.?

He?noted that?Ghanaians, despite their political?diversity must always?? rise to the occasion when?the need?arises?in the supreme?interest?? of the country.

According to the? chief, as? Ghana ?had? emerged? from? one of the? fiercely? contested but? very peaceful elections? in? last December, there are indications that the country was on? the? path? of? deepening? her democratic? principles hence ??it was imperative? for the entire citizenry to? consider themselves? as one? people? with? a common? goal of? making Ghana? a? better? place.

?After? we have? come out? of the last elections?? peacefully? it? is now?? up to ?us to come together? so as? each can play? his? expected? role? in? our? quest to? build a prosperous? nation? for the generations? that would? come? after us.?

Baffuor?? Adu? Gyamfi Kumanim? who? made the appeal when? he? interacted with the? media? to ?put across? his? new? year? message?? was worried? about the ?phenomenon ??where?? large chunk of politicians? with?? vast? experiences? whose? contribution? can? help in the development? process? of the? country?? sit on? the fence? with? a common reason? that? it is not their? party? which? is? power? therefore fail to make in puts? to that effect is one?? of the major challenges? militating against? full implementation? of some? vital national programmes.

He? noted that in? the developed countries politics? is done? only? during the election year and the people? integrate together? to? champion ?the cause of their? countries? unlike? Ghana where? every move taken? either by the governing? party? or those in opposition? are associated?? with political ?sentiments? which?in?turn affects? the nation.

Baffuor? Adu Gyamfi? Kumanim? touching on? some? needs of? his community said? one of his? targeted? projects? is? to? get public? school?? within the? Kwapra? vicinity to accommodate? children of school? going? ages in the area.

He disclosed? ?that ??large acre of land has been reserved for the purpose and urged?policy makers?? in the educational sector?to consider giving approval?to the community?to put up the?school.

?My?? ultimate goal? this year is to work? in collaboration? with the? concerned? authorities? in? the educational sector?? both? at regional and?? national? level s to? ensure that by the? close of the year? works on? public? school? would commence. We?have got?pipe borne water,?electricity, and?now?? a complex market?? here?is near?completion,?the school?is the next project which is very?dear to us,? he?? emphasized.

He urged the residents? to be law? abiding? and also? play their? parts? to? ensure that? the Kwapra township maintain its? enviable records? as one of the most conducive suburbs ?of Kumasi.


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