?The whole? township of Kwanwoma in? the Atwima?Kwanwoma? District? of Ashanti?? was? last? Sunday? ??thrown? into the state? of? conviviality ??when? the? natives? of? the town? both old? and? young,? came out? in? their? numbers ???to? ?mob? Nana Koifi Adjei, Chief? of the town with? a standing? ovation.

The? gay ?atmosphere?? in? the ?town could be? described? as?? his ?triumphant?? entry,?as ?majority? of? the? town folks, dressed in white? apparels?? amidst? singing? and? dancing to? signify?? Nana Adjei?s ?victory? over his accusers.

When? Nana ?Adjei? finally? touched base at the refurbished palace? at the town, after a church? service ???to thank God,?? the ?enthusiastic?? natives ?of the community?? cheered him up waving? white handkerchiefs.

The thanksgiving service which was held at the St.? Anthony Catholic Church? at the town? became???? necessary ??following ??the exoneration? of? him (Nana Adjei)? from? a? murder case by?? a Circuit? Court? in ??Kumasi.

It would be? recalled that?? somewhere in October ??2011, ?one? madam? Ama Mansa was? gruesomely? murdered? at? Kwanwoma?? with? some? vital? parts of? her? body? missing?? which led? to? the arrest? o f? one PK Domfeh? and his? suspected? accomplice ?Kwame Gyamfi by the Asokwa? police.

Upon thorough investigations by the police, the two partners in crime were charged and? ?arraigned before?a Circuit? ?Court at Ash-Town in Kumasi.

But after several? appearances in the court, during one of?? the hearings? the chief? architect? of the crime, Domfeh, indicated that? the day before the woman? was? callously murdered, he and Nana Adjei met? at Abropo Junction? and? in the course? of? their conversation , Nana Adeji told? him? that? he (Nana Adjei)?? needed? human parts to?? enable? him? perform? ?juju?? so? as? to enable him overpower and overcome people who have persistently? tried to destool him.

Surprisingly?when the presiding?judge pushed?him (Domfeh)?to?accept the responsibility of murdering the?? helpless?woman,? ?he denied.

Upon? careful?? examination of? the case the? Ashanti regional? chief? state? Attorney acquitted and discharged Nana Adjei ? on the? ground that? since? Domfeh? was? one of the? ring leaders? who? have been? work king to dethrone?? him, it? would? be impossible for two to agree? on? taking? a ?common decision? to the extent? of? murdering some one .

Addressing??? a throng? of? people? including? journalists, ?at the palace, Nana Adjei? called ?for forgiveness? so? that they? can forge ahead? as? one people to enable them ?to achieve their? objectives?? of development .

He said there was the need for them to build a prosperous? ?society devoid of hatred.

?Let?s bury our past differences and seek development in unity,? he appealed to his people.

He believed that peace can prevail among them if they all demonstrate the attitude of forgiveness?and put the past behind them.

? Bending? on? to revenge? one?s perceived enemies?? would not ??give us? peaceful? coexistence? to propel? our agenda? of? development,? he? said.

The chief though, was convinced that he?? has every right to battle his incriminators at the court for defamation, ??he?said he leaves all to God

?I am,? through? your? powerful medium,? extending an olive? branch ?to? all those who? tried to destroy me? but? could not succeed? to? come back ???to? join?? me so? that? all of us? would? put? our? heads together?? to? exchange ??ideas? and expertise?? to? enable? us to? make this? town? a? better place? for? the future generations,? ??he ??stressed.

As? part of his? contribution? to? the construction of? a? new? complex church? building,? he donated? GH? 1,000 to? the? priest? of the church.



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