Enrolment in middle schools also increased by more than three fold in 1951 to 139,984 in 1961, doubling to a remarkable 267,434 in 1966.Two university colleges were also set up in Accra and Kumasi. The CPP also introduced fee-free compulsory education, free health and medical care.
wpid-CPP.jpgThe CPP government extended medical services throughout the country. The entire system of communications was improved through the building of telephone and telegraphic lines, new roads, extension of railway lines, construction of bridges, a new port at Tema and extension of the Takoradi Harbour. In addition more than 300 factories were established to produce the needs of the Ghanaian people and to cut down on imports.
On the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the founding of the Convention Peoples? Party, the Socialist Forum of Ghana salutes its founding heroes and heroines for their sacrifices and dedication to the cause of all African peoples.
We also call on the current generation of Nkrumaists, Pan Africanists and Socialists to take up the mantle of the CPP and wage a relentless struggle against under development in all its manifestations including poverty, illiteracy, hunger and disease. The unfinished business of the CPP including the independence of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic from harsh Moroccan colonialism ought to be accomplished.
As Nkrumah said ?No (African) nation can afford to live in isolation and hope to preserve its sovereignty independence in the present circumstances of the world? and it is imperative for all Nkrumaists to take up the struggle for the total unification of Africa under the leadership of a socialist government.
The definition of the objectives of the Convention Peoples Party by Osagyefo himself when he addressed party faithfuls at the Accra Arena on June 12, 1959 to mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of the party should serve as a guide to all Nkrumaists. He said ?the aim of our Party is to develop our economy, modernise our agriculture and industrialise Ghana. The party intends to free Ghana from a system of colonial economy and create a system of independent economy. Our ultimate objective is the creation of a socialist society, for we believe that only in such a society will our people have the opportunity of making the maximum contribution to the wealth, happiness and prosperity of our society as a whole?.
Forward with the Nkrumaist Ideal!
Kwesi Pratt Jr.
+233 244 379 344
For Convener
Socialist Forum of Ghana


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