Fellow Ghanaians, permit me to address you from the land of the Second Life where mortals are not permitted to utter a word, see nothing or hear nothing. However, I have decided to break protocol to reach out to you all, who I consider my descendants in the land of Sikakrom on my views on issues and developments in the land of our birth and death from beyond the reach of the living.

As you are aware, the struggle for our independence was not an easy task. It took a lot of sacrifice, often in the form of protests, debates, mass unrests and boycotts in which many people even paid the ultimate price on the cross of Ghana?s redemption. I was privileged to have led the group that eventually won our collective freedom as a country.  Thus, the CPP became the party that birthed Ghana through its fertile wombs of ideas and political struggle.

I immediately after that started the second project of Ghana?s liberation, with my 7 year development plan of socio-economic transformation because I reasoned, as did many well-meaning Ghanaians then, that our political independence is meaningless unless it translates into the economic prosperity of our people!  I wanted water in every home, food on every table to feed every mouth, electricity to every town and village and above all, jobs for every hand to work in happiness to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Let me remind you, my second struggle towards economic emancipation was not only for the sake of making our political emancipation meaningful but more importantly, raise the consciousness of the Black Man and Woman to believe in his or her potential and to know that the African was capable of managing his own affairs. I wasn?t surprise at all when the news broke out at the Asamando that have been voted the African of the last Millennium by a teeming lot of discerning masses across the globe in the BBC Poll of Polls in 2000, despite the many years of denial and tarnishing of my image by those who should have known better.

Writing with bittersweet feelings to you from Asamando now, I?m told by reliable sources that Ghana is far from the dream of a prosperous nation, even after the many years of leadership by the men in Khaki, by Kofi Abrefa Busia,  my prot?g? Hilla Liman, by Dr Boom, by  Dr Waa Waa, Prof Asumdwehene and the new kid on the bloc Show Boy JM!  I?m told Busumuru has told you recently in an article that Ghana now has a second chance to redeem itself and restore its people to the path of economic prosperity due to the discovery of oil. I commend him for that but I will like to remind you all, Fellow Ghanaians, that the task of national development is far more than the ownership of natural resources.

Tell JM to invest in the education of his people, to help them acquire the right education, skills and training relevant to the needs of the job market. Again, tell JM that until the Ghanaian (and African) regains that self-belief that he or she is capable of doing things for himself or herself instead of begging cup in hand all over the world, the battle again will be lost. Again I say tell JM, that a nation that cannot solve the basics: that can-not feed itself, clothe itself, provide shelter for its people and provide the health needs of its people cannot compete globally. Tell Show Boy JM, that I say a nation that is divided by so much partisanship, instead of partnership for development can-not win in the 21st century. Finally, tell JM that my case study is enough a lesson for him to learn from, tell him for me!

I shall return?

Yours truly speaking

Osagyefo Asamando office

(The Second Coming of Nkrumah)


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