The Globe production in partnership with the National theatre has staged another play enriched with the history of Ghana and depicting Dr Kwame Nkrumah?s vision for Ghana and Africa as a whole.

?The Second Coming of Nkrumah? a play written by Mr. Latif Abubakar, is folklore of Nkrumah?s dreams to accomplish in Ghana, that is, the political and economic emancipation, which he felt had not been propelled by all the leaders that came after him.

According to Latif Abubakar, also the producer of the play, Nkrumah is not going to come in a human form but rather, his resurrection would be by Ghanaian traditions, through the pouring of libation.

He said the title was chosen because in the play, Nkrumah comes back to right the wrongs going on in the country.

The Second Coming of Nkrumah is a play with Ghanaian settings and the plot was based on the independence of Ghana and all the African countries, spiced with humour, music and dance.

Fortunately, he was able to attain the political emancipation for Ghana and wanted to move a step forward and achieve the economic liberation, but he did not live to accomplish that.

It was Nkrumah?s desire after he was overthrown, that the leaders who would come after him would help pursue his vision, but rather the opposite is happening.

These were issues that compelled him to resurrect from his grave and speak to the leaders and the people of Ghana, advising them on what they should do to develop the country.

Aside the famous award winning playwright Ebo Whyte, Abubakar?s play demonstrated a brighter future, ready to take over from Ebo Whyte.

The play received massive audience for both the first and second shows, with Ghanaians and people from other parts of the world, who were eager and desiring to learn about the history of Ghana, attending the show.

The cast took the audience on a journey to the days of Nkrumah, as a Prime Minister fighting for the freedom of the people of the Gold Coast, where they gave the audience a powerful rendition of the popular Adowa dance.

The Second Coming of Nkrumah emphasized the need for Ghanaian leaders to go back to where Nkrumah left off and the vision he left behind.

In an interview with Latif, he explained to the GNA that the ?Second Coming of Nkrumah? was first staged in 2002, 2003 and September 2013, during the celebration of the 104th Anniversary celebration of Nkrumah.

Abubakar said rehearsing to master the whole play took six months, with the production taking three months, and that; it took the advertisement section also some time before getting a sponsor.

He urged institutions and organisations to come on board with their humble support to help educate and entertain the people of Ghana through drama, adding that, ?I spent not less than GHc50.000 for such a production.? GNA


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