The leader of Ghanaians Abroad Coalition (GAC) Kwame Mayor has publicly warned Ghana’s Supreme Court Justice, Wiiliam Atuguba, against being used by the ruling Pro-AFRC, and Pro-PNDC Civilian cum Military Government to Terrorise Civilians, and to selectively prosecute Opposition members, under the guise of so-called “Contempt of Court”, outside the Courtroom, and against the Populace.

? ? ? “I can defend Sir John”, said the Iconic Politician who expressed shock that his Senior at “Great Koss”, in Ashanti Region, where the respected Supreme Court Justice Baffoe-Bonnie was also his Senior — described his Summons to appear before the Supreme Court as “Rule of Law”, whereas, the Politically-Motivated Summons for so-called Contempt of Court, should be described properly as “Rule of Terror”.


Reject “Empty All Die be Die Theory, which lacks Weapons for Self Defense”,?says Dr” Kwame Mayor, who has publicly urged the Populace to use Bibles, Korans, and Torahs to defend themselves against ‘June 4th Terrorists” who are still Terrorizing Ghanaians, especially innocent Ashantis, and other innocent Residents of Ashanti Region, such as innocent Ewes, innocent Gas, innocent Dagombas, innocent Kwahus, innocent Akyems, innocent Konkombas, innocent Brongs, innocent Gonjas, innocent Mamprusis, innocent Frafras, innocent Sisalas, innocent Fantes, innocent Mosis, innocent Kusasis, innocent Nzemas, innocent Krachis, innocent Nanumbas, innocent Denkyiras, innocent Hausas, innocent Buems, etc, etc.?Ghanaians should reject “Empty, or Rhetoric All Die be Die Theory”, which lacks Weapons for Self Defense”

“United States should boldly defend Democracy anywhere in the World and capture Satanic Al-Queda, and Boko Haram Terrorists, as well as their Satanic Supporters”, said the Pro-American Democracy Activist, whose published Policy Recommendation on ‘American-led Democratic Revolution Around the World”, was used by former President George Bush’s Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, as a Foreign Policy.

Speaking in his Native Asante Language, the Great Politician called for Peaceful, and Non-Violent resistance against the un-necessary Dictatorial, or Stalinistic so-called Contempt of Court against Civilian Population expressing their Freedom of Speech outside the Courtroom.

?? ?”The ruling government of President John Mahama would be held accountable [if] it uses any Anti-American Supreme Court Agent operating on its instructions, or on its behalf, to forment un-necessary Civil War in Ghana, said the Ghanaian-born “America’s Mandela” who made history by successfully advising the White House to use (“Moral Basis”) for U.S. Military intervention to oust Libya’s “Mad Dog”, Muammer Gaddafi — in order to save lives !!!,

The International Politician also successfully advised the White House, and U.N. on Military overthrow of former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, (in order to save lives !!!); 48-Hours ultimatum to former Ivorian President, Laurent Gbagbo to surrender, or face bombardment in his hide-out — (in order to save lives). ?The former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo’s hide-out was bombarded, and he was captured exactly 48 hours after the ultimatum.

?? ?”NPP’s Deputy Communications Director, Hopeson Adoryeh has been summoned for contempt of Court, yet NDC Team member, Gabby Assumeng, who called for Civil War in Ghana was not summoned to appear before the Supreme Court for contempt of Court.
?? ?”Even Animals in the Bonobo Kingdom can discern, or analyse that this is bias”, said the Intellectual Giant at the turn of the new Millennium.his Freedom of Speech, and no Justice in United States Supreme Court will dare issue decrees, or so-called Contempt of Court against the Populace expressing their Freedom of Speech”, the Scholary Politician said.
? ? “If somebody calls you a ‘Voodoo Deity’ and you don’t like it, you file a Law suit in a Democracy, instead of abusing your powers to terrorize your fellow Human Being”.
? ? “You see, I am still a Free Man, and that is why the whole World should listen to the Song : ‘God Bless America where I know I am Free”, said the Ghanaian-born “America’s Mandela” who is the Architect of the White House Policy on “American-led Democratic Revolution Around the World”, which he published, and faxed to the State Department, —- before former U.S. Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, also announced President George Bush’s Foreign Policy of “American-led Democratic Revolution Around the World”.

“From now on, I have taken over NPP from the Cowards, said the Politician who almost joined NDC to help in changing the Party from (Rawlings Terrorist organization), to a real Democratic oriented Party.

?? ? ?”I have indeed, taken over NPP from the Cowards who are always afraid of defending themselves from Al-Queda oriented Terrorists”, said the Ghanaian–born “America’s Mandela”.
?? ?”All Die be Die Philosophy is meaningless unless Ghanaians, especially, (Victims of June 4th Terrorist Revolution), are supplied with the necessary weapons to defend themselves against Domestic Anti-Democracy, and Anti-American Al-Queda, as well as Boko Haram Terrorists”

“Use Bibles, Korans, and Torahs to defend yourselves against Domestic Terrorists, if you don’t have Weapons, Drones, and Sub-Marines, etc, etc, to defend yourselves”, the Ghanaian-born “America’s Mandela” told the Nation in his Weekly Political Broadcast on his new (Radio Freedom), as he cautioned that his ideas cannot be copied, or immitated without permission, and once again, pleaded for Peace throughout Ghana, and Africa.

By Tsi-Tsi Mashinini (UHURU TIMES)


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