Kwame Mayor says he is re-joining NPP to take over from Cowards who are always afraid of standing up to?Pro-AFRC, and Pro-PNDC forces, or?Rawlings’ faction of NDC, who are always terrorizing innocent Ghanaians from all innocent Tribes, and innocent Ethnic Groups.
? ? ? “I am now ready to contest for NPP Flagbearership in 2016, and when I win Ghana’s 2016 Presidential Election, I will rule for only one term like the Legendary Nelson Mandela, and pave way for our Ghanaian Brothers, and Sisters who are from Northern and Upper Regions; and Ewes, Buems, Krachis, as well as Gas, etc, etc, to also become Flagbearers of NPP, and Presidents of Ghana, said the Pan-Africanist Ashanti Royal Politician, (whose very Biological Great Grand-Fathers from Bamang, near the famouse Kente weaving Village of Bonwire in Ashanti Region, the Historical, and Legitimate Occupants of Asanteman’s Adonteng Puduo Stool, bravery led all Ashanti Wars against Colonialism, and Imperialism, perpetuated on African Soil by “our Dear White Brothers, and Sisters”.
? ??Now we know that the Police are not the only ones who are Corrupt?, said the former Precinct Captain for President Barack Obama?s Campaign, and Legendary Pan-Africanist Freedom Fighter.
? ??Imposing fines on useless issues, is a form of Corruption, and jailing Civilians expressing their Freedom of Speech is tantamount to Domestic Terrorism?, said the Pro-American Democracy Activist.
The Democracy Activist said that he has already briefed his ?Democratic Friend?, President Barack Obama, the leader of the Free World, about the eroding Freedom of Speech in his Native Country of Ghana, even though he recently Legally, Morally, and Ethically called for the arrest of British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and President Barack Obama, for exporting ?Gays Chemical Weapons of AIDS?, and ?Lesbians Weapons of Mass Destruction to end the Human Race?, to Africa, where abnormality, and Satanism of Homosexuality is absolutely against Africa?s Civilized Culture, and Traditions, and above all, it is absolutely illegal, even though, it is un-necessary to use barbaric violence against any group of People, even if such group of people are unfortunately, Mentally Retarded, and Psychologically-Imbalanced Gays, and Lesbians, said the Pan-Africanist Politician.
? ? ? ?I really could have defended ?Sir John?, like how the Brave Nelson Mandela defended himself against Apartheid?, said the fearless Ghanaian-Born ?America?s Mandela?, who says that he is truly, the only Brave Man in Modern Day Ghana, Africa, and the whole World for standing up against dangerous Terrorists like former Military Junta leader, Flight Lieutenant (retired) Jerry John Rawlings, Major (retired) Boakye Djan, Captain (retired) Kojo Tsikata, former President John Agyekum Kufuor ? (known for his History of Selfishness, and Greediness), Libya?s ?Mad Dog? Muammer Gaddafi, former Ivorian President, Laurent Gbagbo, Syrian Dictator, Assad, and former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, etc, etc.
??Kwame Mayor, reverred by his die-hard American Friends, and Supporters from all Races, and Color, as ?AMERICA?S MANDELA?, publicly warned Ghana?s Supreme Court Justice, William Atuguba, before he imposed fine on ?Sir John?, against being used by the ruling Pro-AFRC, and Pro-PNDC Civilian cum Military Government to Terrorise Civilians, under the guise of so-called ?Contempt of Court?, outside the Courtroom.
? ? ? ?I could have defended Sir John?, said the Iconic Politician, and ?Pocket Lawyer?, who expressed shock that his Senior at ?Great Koss?, in Ashanti Region, where the respected Supreme Court Justice Baffoe-Bonnie was also his Senior ? described his Summons to appear before the Supreme Court as ?Rule of Law?, whereas, the Politically-Motivated Summons for so-called Contempt of Court, should be described properly as ?Rule of Terror?.
Source : Uhuru Times


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