Dr Kwame Mayor has publicly endorsed Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe to save Africa from the Evils of Neo-Colonialism of Gayism, and Lesbianiasm being forced on the Black Race by British Prime Minister David ?Cameron, who is on record of threatening to export Homosexuality all over the World, and President Barack Obama, who is forcing his [own] African Brothers, and Sisters to embrace Homosexuality, which is an abomination to the Cultural, Traditional, Moral, and Ethical Values of Africans. ?
? MUGABE“It’s time for We Africans, and the whole Black Race to build Nuclear Bombs to protect our Culture, Traditions, and Moral Values, and to ensure Racial Equilibrium with “our White Brothers, and Sisters”, and also, to ensure Political, and Economic Equilibrium of Super Power status, which would definately deter Imperialists from imposing their Neo-Colonialism of the evils of Gayism, and Lesbianism on the Continent of Africa”, said the Ghanaian-born “America’s Mandela”.
The International Politician appealed to all Christians, Jews, and Moslems, etc, etc, around the World to condemn Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu who committed Blasphemy when he insulted God Almighty by saying that he would not worship God, [if] God Almighty is against the evils of Homosexuality, and that he (Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu), would rather go to Hell, instead of Heaven, if God Almighty is opposed to the evils of Homosexuality.
The Pan-Africanist, and Pro-American Democracy Activist, also condemned Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu for comparing ‘Apartheid Holocaust’ with Homosexuality.
? ?”The horrors, and evils of Jewish Holocaust cannot be compared with the evils of Homosexuality, in the same way as the horrors and evils of Slavery cannot be compared with the evils of Homosexuality. ?Therefore, the horrors and evils of Apartheid, cannot be compared with the evils of Homosexuality”, said the Ghanaian-born “America’s Mandela”.
The Moralist Politician again appealed to the Vatican to appoint a Conservative African Pope, to succeed Pope Francis when his term expires, since an African Pope will forever abolish the evils of Sodom, and Gomorrah’s Homosexuality, and allow Priests, and Nuns to marry, in order to (prevent) the temptation of Satanic acts of Homosexuality.
“Without marriage between Men, and Women, as the Bible, Torrah, and Koran approve, these Satanic, Socially Deviant, and Mentally-Retarded Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, and Tran-Sexuals who introduced Aids in this World, would (not) have been born, said the Founder of (Straight Men, and Women Alliance for Human Rights Protection), a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to preserving Marriage only between Men, and Women, or Marriage only between Adam, and Eve.The Conservative Politician has embarked on Fund-Raising Tours Across America, and a Tour around the World, to speak at Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples; University Campuses, etc, etc, to preserve the Values of Marriage, and (Dating only between a Man, and a Woman), or between Adam and Eve.

The Fair-Minded Politician said that although he is absolutely (100%) against the practice of Lesbians, and Gays, and his future Government in Ghana, will absolutely (never) endorse, or promote the Mental Illness, and Satanism of Gayism, and Lesbianism, nevertheless, for (Humanitarian concerns), his future Government will absolutely (oppose) violence against any Group of People, whether they are Mentally-Retarded Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, or Tran-Sexuals, and furthermore, his future Pan-Africanist, and Pro-American Government, will absolutely (not) discriminate against any Group of People in their pursuit for Human Rights, Civil Rights, and Natural Rights to Life, Freedom, Liberty, Employment, Shelter, Jobs, Healthcare, etc, etc.

Returning to his endorsement of Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe, the Politician said he would have endorsed the Opposition leader, Morgan, since its time for Mugabe to step down, and allow Africans in Zimbabwe to also enjoy the Noble ideals, and ideas of Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty, but his fear is that, without Robert Mugabe, who will save Africa from Neo-Colonialists, and Imperialists who want to impose their evils of Homosexuality on the Continent of Africa, the Charismatic Politician pleaded with Conservative Africans, Blacks around the World and “our Conservative White Brothers, and Sisters” to oppose the exportation of Homosexuality all over the World, as British Prime Minister has threatened, which could create Third World War.
? ? “It’s only Pan-Africanist President Robert Mugabe who can Morally, Ethically, and Culturally stop British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and President Barack Obama from imposing Neo-Colonialism of Homosexuality on African Soil”, said the former Precinct Captain, and Volunteer for President Barack Obama’s Campaign, who was used, and discarded by Obama’s Campaign, without any reward, or any appointment — despite the fact that some of his Sophisticated Intellectual ideas, have successfully been implemented by the White House, and by Governments in his Native Country of Ghana.
(It should be noted that the Pro-American Democracy Activist, and Ex-Precinct Captain for President Barack Obama’s Campaigns, is the Policy Architect who successfully advised the White House, (with his published News Bulletins, faxed Letters to the White House, and Electronic Mails to the White House), on [Moral Basis] for U.S. Military intervention to overthrow Libya’s “Mad Dog”, Mu’ammer Gaddafi — in order to save lives !!!; also, successfully advised the White House on Military intervention to overthrow Egypt’s former President, Hosni Mubarak — in order to save lives !!!, and furthermore, successfully advised the White House, and United Nations to bombard the hide-out of former Ivorian President, Laurent Gbagbo, if he (Gbagbo) refused to surrender within 48 Hours, in order to save lives !!! — (It should be noted that exactly 48 Hours, Gbagbo’s hide-out was indeed, bombarded, when the White House gave “Green Light” to France, and U.N., etc, etc).
He also advised President George Bush’s White House, with his published News Bulletin on “American Democratic Revolution Around the World”.
? ?”The whole World should bravery resist British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s illegal attempt to export Homosexuality all over the World”.
? ? “Now I know why Zimbabweans should vote for Mugabe to prevent British Prime Minister Cameron, and (our African Lost Brother, President Obama), who strangely, and sadly, want to turn the whole World into ‘Bonobo Animal Kingdom’, where a [few] of the Bonobo Animals also engage in the evils of Homosexuality, like the Mentally-Retarded Gays and Lesbians who need Psychiatric help, and absolutely, do not deserve un-necessary violence, and discrimination,?said the Fair-Minded Politician, and Scholar, who said that although he is strongly opposed to barbaric violence against any group of People in this World, even if they are Mentally-Retarded like Gays, and Lesbians (who really need Psychiatric help), he will nevertheless, forever strongly condemn the evils of Neo-Colonialism of Homosexuality, being forcefully imposed around the World, especially on Africa’s Continent.
* Source :Tsi-Tsi Mashinini/Uhuru Times


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