Kwaku Kwarteng
Kwaku Kwarteng

It could be recall that, Parliament has unanimously passed the Electronic Communications (Amendment) Bill, 2016 into law to give legal backing to the operation of the Interconnect Clearinghouse (ICH).

Kwaku Kwarteng
Kwaku Kwarteng

By the passage of the bill into law, the Electronic Communication Act, 2008 (Act 775) has been amended to legalize the establishment the ICH as the only way for telecom networks to interconnect with each other.

The ICH, to be run by a licensed operator, Afriwave Telecoms Ghana, will also connect all individual International Wholesale Carriers (IWCs) to the various telecom operators’ networks. It will also be a connection point for other communication exchanges in the country and for new entrants into the telecom industry.

It will perform many other functions such as helping to fight SIMBOX fraud more aggressively, facilitate reconciliation of traffic volumes and its related revenue between telcos and Value Added Service players among several other things.

Ahead of the passage of the law, the licensed ICH operator, Afriwave had already deployed and connected its monitoring equipment to the networks of the various telecom operators and started a test run in preparation to go fully operational by May this year.

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