Premier Productions Group an Accra-based company in partnership with the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Presbyterian Church of Ghana and the Utmost Outreach Mission have marked a 7-day special Easter celebrations at Kwahu-Abetifi in the Eastern Region. The celebrations dubbed: “Kwahu for Christ”, with the theme: “the youth, our focus”. Kwahu for Christ is an annual event which started three years ago brought together many Christians from all walks of life and won lost souls to Christ.

Easter is a worldwide celebration for Christians and many others; it is a celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ- to save mankind from his sins. But for the residents in Kwahu and its environs, the period has always characterized with numerous social events exposing residents and visitors to social vices such as prostitution, smoking, drug peddling and reckless driving as a result of these activities most people report died, others injured and some infected with various diseases such STDs, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B and many others.

The Chief Executive of Premier Productions Group, Nanahemaa Adjoa Awindor said the event “Kwahu for Christ” has come to stay and aimed to stem the enormous social vices often associated with Easter celebrations in the area, such as alcoholism, promiscuity, reckless driving and drug peddling which she said has given Kwahu “a bad name”. “As Christians, the death of Christ must be paramount in our lives and not others things”.

She said the resurrection of Christ is a symbol of love, peace unity and forgiveness and urged Christians to lead lives worthy. She said the event has a unique role in the development of the country and churches ought to continue praying for peaceful elections in December polls.

Nanahemaa said instead of indulging in social vices that hinder the development and growth of Christian’s faith during Easter celebrations, both Christians and non-Christians should make a true reflection of the crucifixion of Christ and dedicate themselves to serve God. She said without sacrifice, reconciliation cannot take place, “we should bury our differences and forge head towards the growth of the nation” she said.

The Kwahu Kontenhene of Abetifi area, Okyenfour Nana Asiedu Agyemang 111 condemned the rate at which the youth indulge in various social vices during Easter festivities and commended Premier Productions and the other religious groups for choosing the Kwahu land to organize such a religious event for the youth.

He said what Ghana needs now to December is peace and reconciliation to facilitate the development agenda. He said the country cannot afford to lose the prevailing peace and therefore urged politicians to put an end to the insults and “name calling” in the media since it is sharply deepening division in the country.

He called on Ghanaians to let the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ reform them and help sustain the country’s democratic dispensation. He advised politicians to create an environment of decency, truth, love and peace in the December elections. He said some of their utterances on the radio and in the newspapers do not promote peace and must be stopped.

The Kontenhene said current reports of violence at the various biometric registration centers should be a wakeup call to Ghanaians and that something need to be done as early as possible.

He described Ghana as one of the peaceful countries in the world, he said the political turmoil experiencing in some African countries could have been avoided if governments had ensured good governance and accountability.


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