Traditional leaders at Kwabenya in Accra  have given city authorities two weeks to halt the indiscriminate sale of lands in the area.

They are accusing the Atomic Energy Commission of selling their lands to  private developers. The youth of the area have threatened to attack the developers if the projects are not stopped.

Spokesperson for the Kwabenya youth, Theophilous Ankama Aryee,  told Starr News they want government to release the lands  back to the youth.

We want government to release the land back to the Odanto family if not, we will go there and fight the people working on the land and it will be something else.

“We received a letter from Atomic energy commission signed by the managing director that they have signed a portion of the Atomic land to the Owolumokwadei family as a compensation; which means they went to court and the court awarded cost and damages  against them so instead of paying  the amount, they called the Owolomokwadei people and gave them the land as compensation which shouldn’t be so, the lands were given to government and not to be sold to private developers”.

The Atomic Energy commission has declined comment on the matter.


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