The Office of the Nii Abbey-We Family of Kwabenya has in a strong worded release indicated that, one Theophilus Ankama Aryee who is parading himself as the Chief of Kwabenya is not legitimate.

The said, Theophilus Ankama Aryee has over the period been holding onto that title under the Stool name Nii Abbey Okanfra III, but according to the Nii Abbey-We family, Theophilus Ankama Aryee has never been nominated, elected, selected and installed as a Chief of Kwabenya in accordance with the relevant customary law and usage by the elders of Nii Abbey We Family.

In the release signed by Joseph Ricky Odartei Lamptey, Principal Secretary to the Family Elders, they indicated that Theophilus Ankama Aryee “has no right of claim to the Stool at all.”

In view of the fact that the claimant to the Stool has not been legitimately installed as Chief of the area, the elders of the Nii Abbey We family which forms part of Nii Odai Ntow Family of Kwabenye, has advised the general public to desist from doing business with the said Nii Abbey Okanfra III because according to them, he is “Fake.”

“The Family sincerely advices the general public to desist from doing anything or business with with such a person in the name of NII ABBEY WE AND NII ODAI NTOW FAMILY. The public is hereby advised.”

The family also indicated that, the elders of both families have the right to annul any dealings with people who would ignore the advise and continue to deal with the said chief, and that when that happens, the families shall not be held responsible.

According to the family heads, he has a disability of a broken left hand and a broken upper front teeth as result of his involvement in land guard duties and operations in Kwabenya.

He has also been cited in several criminal cases of fraud as result of illegal sale of lands in Kwabenya and its environs.

All of  these criminal records, according to the family heads completely disqualify him from even becoming a credible member of his own household, let alone becoming an elder to the family to be selected and be install as a chief.

Source: Kay Agbenyega