Wang had purchased a pair of Kushyfoot shaping tights for $7 and was left disappointed, unlike the woman in the commercial for the tights.

In the commercial, a woman is seen walking down the street seemingly having orgasms and indulging in what could be construed as bedroom talk.


Between moans, the woman says, ?that?s the spot? and ?oh yeah, that?s it?. In the background, a chorus can be heard singing, ?I?m super satisfied, super satisfied?.

Wang had apparently bought the tights after seeing the commercial and hoping for a similar experience but was left far from ?super satisfied?.

Wang?s lawyer was quoted as saying that the commercial had indicated that Wang would get ?a massage through her pantyhose?. However, the product turned out to be ?just socks?.

Wang is seeking ?redress for deceptive and otherwise improper business practices?.

On its website, Kushyfoot claims that the shaping tights include a ?massaging sole for extra comfort? and a ?firm shaper that tames your tummy, hips and thighs.?

Source: Agencies


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