Kurt Okraku
Kurt Okraku

…As George Afriyie fails to deliver at GFA presidential race

Former GFA Vice President, George Afriyie, has withdrawn from the GFA presidential race after his rival Kurt Okraku took a commanding lead in the second round of voting.

Having been just four votes away from Okraku’s 44 tally in the first round, Afriyie saw the deficit increase to 16 in the second round.

Okraku’s 59 votes meant that he was just one vote away from becoming the new GFA President.

However, as delegates were voting again, George Afriyie conceded, saying he was “a unifier and a team player who works for football.”

Voting now enters a third round with delegates expected to unanimously endorse Kurt Okraku.

Amanda Clinton and George Ankomah both dropped out in the first round with 0 votes.

Fred Pappoe also opted to pull out after polling six votes.

The GFA’s Congress has a total of 120 delegates with the Division One League clubs accounting for the largest group; with 48 delegates.

In the first round, 117 votes were counted with one rejected ballot and two absentees however all 118 present delegates had their votes counted in the second round.


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