The Kumawuman Rural Bank has opened its 11th branch at Kwamo off Kumasi?Ejisu High Way.?The new? branch? would? help to curtail the hurdle? its clients? within Kwamo and surrounding communities???had???to go through to???transact business? with? the? bank without necessarily???walking long distances? either to? Kumasi or Kumawu???before accessing its services.?

The bank which was? established in? 1982 at Kumawu after? some? natives from the town???residing in Accra? mooted the? idea? to? set up a financial? institution to inculcate the habit? of saving among the? people of the? area, currently? has? branches? at Bodomase,? Drobonso, Effiduase,? Banko , and? Bomso. The rest?are, Ahensan , Sokoban? Wood Village, Amakom and Tafo Mile Three.
The? Acting? Chairman of the board? of directors , Mr. Opoku? Agyemang? disclosed that? out of? 134 rural banks in the country? the Kumawuman? Rural Bank? is rated? one of the best? 12 rural banks? nationwide? and among? the best 10 rural banks? in Ashanti? out???25 rural banks? in the region.

According to him, the bank? had fully computerized and networked? all its? branches to make things easy? for the customers? when? it comes to depositing? and? withdrawing their monies? which? could? be done? at? any of the branches.

He said the management of the bank? has put in place? internal control? mechanism? and???developed? the skills of? the???employees? ???to enhance efficiency? and delivery of quality? services to their clients, ?the management always? carries? out? periodical auditing???to???enable? us? to fight? against any fraud,? we are inviting? you to? come and do business with us because???we are? ready to? give you the needed? assistance to help? you? expand???your trading, marketing? and farming business,????he? appealed to them.

Mr. Prince? Osie Poku,? the Operations? Manager of the bank on his part, said???the products of the bank? have been designed? ? in a manner to address the financial? needs? of the? customers.
He said? the target of the? bank? are the small scale? business people???as? it? would continuously? grant? them? loans? with? minimal? interest to? enable them? to? expand their activities.

He mentioned that the bank gives loans to both individuals and corporate business persons.

Mr. Poku? revealed that? the bank? engage s in money? transfer? through the western union, money gram and the apex link transfer which? had? created? opportunity for Ghanaians domiciling???outside the country and? wish to send monies? to their relatives back? home.

The Chief of Kwamo Nana Owusu Nyaani?urged the management to?maintain the?confidence?clients of the bank?have reposed in them and give off the best satisfactory services? to them.

He believed that the banking industry of today has become one???of the?sectors???characterized?with completion, hence the need to?maintain good customer?relation.

?There are many???financial? set ups springing up these days? but the clients???are now enlightened, they want those banks? that? can give? them satisfactory services, this has led to the collapsed of some of? them, I want reiterate? the? role you should play to get more clients and this is how your management? here would? relate on with the people,? he said.

The chief assured that he and his elders would do everything possible to ensure that the Kwamo branch becomes???the number best branch of the bank.


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