It was an emotional affair last Friday when Focus 94.3 MHz took its transmission outdoor to the tech junction; a lorry park near the Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology.

The event was organised to welcome freshmen who were reporting to the university to commence academic work in their chosen fields of endeavour.

Though the outdoor event which lined up some of Focus FM?s finest DJs and presenters was highly patronised from the beginning, the climax occurred during the ?freestyle Friday? segment of the drive (Highway 943) hosted by DJ Quest.

The Free style Friday seeks to provide a free and exciting platform for potential rappers to exhibit their talent.

It was opened to anyone who felt he could rap. Rapper after rapper, Kumasi proved it had talent. It was like a live match placed in a box of fireworks as Kofi Supreme, Illegal, Teephlow, Network, Ice-chest among others took the stage to perform freestyle after freestyle.

It got sentimental as the rappers rapped about things the crowd could relate to such as hardships, hope, love, wealth among others. The crowd soon caught on some lines and rapped along as the rappers performed. Some could not control themselves but danced as if possessed by the music.

Kumasi indeed has talent. This talent should be consciously nurtured, and collectively channeled into development. And as for Focus FM, it is not just a radio station but a youth movement in itself.

-Bernard Buachi,

Focus FM, Kumasi


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