Mr Patrick Boamah and Ex President Kufuor at the launch
Mr Patrick Boamah and Ex President Kufuor at the launch
Mr Patrick Boamah and Ex President Kufuor at the launch
Mr Patrick Boamah and Ex President Kufuor at the launch

He told the constituents that the MP is an apprentice who learnt about how to develop a setting; how to become a good leader and servant as well while he was with him (Mr Kufuor) during his operations before assuming office as the President of the country and therefore has learnt a lot that qualifies him for another chance.

Mr Agyekum Kufuor made the appeal at the constituency during a launch of “Progress Diary”, a booklet containing the development the MP has brought into the constituency since he assumed office in 2012.

He told the constituents: “Patrick Boamah is a man who can take you farther if you should give him the chance”.

The Former President also said it is important that every leader serves with humility and honesty to make development.

He noted that the country is blessed and not poor as its citizens think, hence the need for everybody to work hard with commitment and honesty to make the nation a better one.

“There are jobs in the country and not vice versa as people are saying, so when the citizens change their character while the leaders work with honesty, the youth will get jobs to do.”

Mr Boamah said when it comes to education, he has donated school desks, computers, books and cash to schools in the constituency most especially to the deprived public schools and scholarships are being awarded to the needy but brilliant students in the Senior High Schools and Tertiary Institutions.

He said there is also a cultural centre project, which is geared towards providing a recreational and educational centre where young people can have some guidance with their life choices and direction.

Talking about health, he disclosed that through his effort, more than 2000 constituents who cannot afford to register for national health insurance have been registered for free.

Also, there is organisation of annual health screening exercise for all the five electoral areas namely Blemagor, Olengele Koona, Gbemomo, Apenkwa, and Wuoyenman.

The MP also said he has donated jerseys, drafts, footballs and other sports equipment or materials needed to support eh activities of sports clubs, and school sports clubs in the constituency.

The booklet also disclosed that the MP has set up a Sanitation Task Force tasked with the daily responsibility of cleaning the area and the effective collection and disposal of rubbish in households and by the streets; an operation which is solely financed by the MP.



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