Kristopreneur” Conference
Kristopreneur” Conference

The Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries International (REPLIB), Dansoman branch, on Wednesday organised a conference dubbed “KristoPreneur Conference” to boost the knowledge base of Christian entrepreneurs.

The conference, which was held in Accra was aimed at promoting the application of Christlike business principles.


It was on the theme “What is in your hands?”.

Bishop Dr Yaw Owusu Ansah, Regional Overseer for REPLIB, Accra West used Genesis 2:15 to urged participants to work to the best of their abilities and leave a legacy for the next generation.

Bishop Owusu Ansah, who is also the visionary for the conference, said “we were to sustain and not destroy the work we had been blessed with.

“Most people only focus on what they would benefit from their work today. It is a very wrong way to go. If God blesses you with a work, do well to sustain it,” he said.

The Bishop said most businesses collapsed due to lack of knowledge, adding that whatever we were doing in life, the requisite knowledge was needed.

“You don’t necessarily need to be educated or be a university graduate before you can succeed in your business. All you need is humility, and a teachable heart and spirit. Be ready to learn new ideas at all times,” he added.

The Regional Overseer emphasized that there was noone God created who didn’t have anything unique, and that, there was a lot of work around us.

“Never say there is no work in Ghana. There is a lot of work in the system. You only need to identify a need and set out to solve it. That is how you find work!”

He encouraged participants not to allow failure get the better of them and that even though failure was part of life’s journey, they should not allow it break them.

“It is very frustrating when you are doing everything possible but aren’t seeing the desired results. The system in Ghana is very difficult and can really frustrate you. But God did not ask you to abandon the dream, He said you should work and keep it. Keep on keeping on!”

He challenged parents to identify the gifts in their children and spur them on to develop these gifts and pursue their dreams.

“Don’t force them to take up a career of your choice. This would make them live below their purpose. In school, allow them to choose their desired courses and don’t discourage them. Allow them to embrace their dreams and fulfil their purpose in life. You only need to guide them.”

Professor Dr Charles Owiredu, President of Yeshua Institute of Technology revealed that there were four key life questions which involved asking who you are, where you are going, what you have to do to reach your destination and when you should start your journey towards achieving your goals.

He advised that participants should set a target for themselves ahead of time and decide where they would want to be by then.

Professor Owiredu said they should first identify what they possessed and name it, adding that they needed to be observant in order to be able to identify the gifts they possessed.

“There is power in you and the power of observation can help solve our problems once and for all. Search for it in you, because you are a large mine,” he said.

He said anytime God put something in our hands, he added multiplicative abilities to it and urged participants to allow God to be in full control of their businesses.

“What you have may be ordinary but when you put it into God’s hands, it becomes extraordinary. Everyone’s talent is enough to create an impact,” he added.

Pastor Osikani Kwamena Bonsu said there were many potentials hidden in individuals which they were underutilizing and this was because they despised their own seeds and talents.

He encouraged the participants never to lose sight of the ideas that popped up from time to time.
“We sit down and lose these ideas and when someone else does it, we lament that it was our idea.”


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