Kris Jenner wants Kylie Jenner to dump her boyfriend Tyga following his cheating rumors and penis pic drama. According to HollywoodLife, the Kardashians momager asked Selena Gomez to help her separate her youngest daughter from her beau.

An insider tells the site, ?Kris is worried that Kylie is going to get majorly hurt by Tyga and wants to see her out of this relationship before it blows up in her face.? However, Kris knows that ?if she tells Kylie to break up with Tyga, it will backfire,? the source adds. ?Kris plans to reach out to Selena to see if she would talk some sense into Kylie.?

The ?Keeping Up with the Kardashians? star hopes that Justin Bieber?s ex could somehow convince Kylie to ?[slow] things down with Tyga.? Kris believes her daughter ?will listen to Selena.?

Another source tells the site that Kylie trusts Tyga completely that she wants to open a joint bank account with him. ?She trusts him a lot. They?re even putting their trust to the test by getting a joint bank account shortly after she turns 18!? says the second source.

Tyga previously denied sending penis photo to his rumored mistress, transgender actress Mia Isabella. On Wednesday, July 8, Mia issued a lengthy statement following the cheating rumors. While she didn?t explicitly address the cheating rumors, the model demanded the right to love as gay marriage has been legalized in the U.S.



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