It’s the psychological evaluation that Kris Jenner never wanted the world to see.


In Touch?has exclusively obtained the results of a psychological?evaluation during the time of Kris? divorce from the late Robert Kardashian.


In the six-page report, detailed in the new issue of?In Touch ??on newsstands now ? Kris is described as ?demanding,? ?manipulative,?? and having ?a Cinderella attitude where situations resulted in everyone living ?happily ever after.?? Perhaps the most telling part of the evaluation is its description of Kris as ?narcissistic? [with] a marked elevation of the narcissistic scale.?


In Touch?previously revealed the late Robert Kardashian?s handwritten diary entries from 1989 and 1990, describing his cheating wife Kris as an absentee and abusive mother toward the end of their marriage. The evaluation, an official court document, supports many of Robert Kardashian?s angry diary allegations.


The late lawyer shared with a psychiatrist his notes on Kris? behavior from 1989 to 1990. He detailed everything from the nights his wife didn?t come home to the times when she screamed at and hit Kourtney and Kim. On March 20, 1990, he wrote, ?Kourtney started crying ? She was sad because Mommy wasn?t home at all. Kourtney wanted her to cook dinner for them. How sad that a child has to beg her mother to cook her dinner and be home with her.?


According to the psych report ? which also describes Robert as “impulsive when overwhelmed” ? Kris believed she was a loving mother to her children. But it notes that ?her sense of self is based much more on fantasy than realistic considerations.??Robert also claimed that Kris was “reckless and non-motherly.”


Robert?s widow, Ellen Kardashian, says her husband worried about what would happen to his kids when he wasn?t around anymore. Robert, who died of esophageal cancer in 2003, ?knew exactly what was going to happen the second he was gone. He was very sad about that,? she tells?In Touch. ?He knew that with Kris, everything?s about money.?


For more details from the psychiatric report and photos of the documents, pick up this week?s issue of?In Touch, on newsstands now!




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