Ghana Education Service (GES) professional teachers in the Katamanso circuit of the Kpone-Katamanso District have held their maiden capacity building workshop.

The workshop held on the theme: “Redefining the destiny of today’s child”, was aimed at enhancing the teachers’ knowledge on modern teaching techniques.

The circuit had 83 teachers made up of 55 females and 28 males teaching at eight public schools.

Mr Jonathan Okunor, GES Circuit Supervisor for Katamanso, commended teachers in the area for doing their best to provide quality education to students despite the.many challenges they faced.

Mr Okunor said the workshop was organized to provide additional modern training which would equip them to effectively and efficiently discharge their duties.

He added that such workshops were a necessity as teaching technologies and methods kept changing over the years.

He appealed to the Kpone-Katamanso District through the Education Directorate to assist schools in the District to overcome their numerous challenges.

The challenges, he said, included overcrowded classrooms, inadequate infrastructure, lack of textbooks, encroachment on school lands and non-availability of teacher’s residential accommodation.

Mrs Mabel Botokro, GES Kpone-Katamanso District Education Directorate’s Human Resource Manager, encouraged teachers to use available opportunities to upgrade themselves instead of waiting for the GES to organize training for them.

“The world is transforming and teachers must be in tune with it, they must be proactive”, he stated.

Mrs Botokro reminded teachers that their students were advanced in technology, therefore, they could not afford to be comfortable with the old methods of teaching and learning.

She further urged them to be committed to their profession as the future of the Ghanaian child was in the hands of teachers.

The workshop was also used to provide free medical examination for the teachers.

Source: GNA/