Dr. Kpessah White
Dr. Kpessah White


Dr. Kpessah White
Dr. Kpessah White

The National Service Personnel Association within the country are unhappy about the  statement made by the Acting Director of the Scheme, Dr. Kpessah White when addressing a cross section of Service Personnel within the country at Tema on 1/02/2016.

Moving forward, with reference to the preamble laid and a recent news item carried by the media dubbed, “NATIONAL SERVICE NOT PAID EMPLOYMENT did not come as a surprised to us service persons but it added lots of calories to the already existing disappointment we have in the Acting Director of the Scheme.

The National Service Scheme is a mandatory service to the nation required from all graduates from tertiary institutions yearly. The scheme is an approach which supports government in terms of personnel availability in the working force to consciously contribute meaningfully to National Development. For this reason a good number of National service persons are intentionally posted to render the needed service to the Nation in absolute deprived areas within the country. We quickly adjust with no complaints for God band Country.


National Service Persons are not paid salaries but allowances which is acceptable for God and Country. Nonetheless, the national service allowances should be 75% of the entry of civil servant salary so as and when it is increased, the national service allowance follows suite. We want to make it clear to the good people of the country that the allowances paid to persons in the Scheme is a peanut.

With respect to the recent utility hikes where in 2014 alone, the government increased tarrifs by 90%. In 2015, it increased the same tariffs by another 70% which means that within 2years , there have been an increment of tarriffs of about 160% which service persons are not given any waiver.
We are by this statement sending a strong signal to the Ag. Director of the Scheme and the managers of the economy to show good faith by showing commitment to ensure that, the supplementary budget to be read soon by the minister of finance captures our demands.

We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Ekow Vincent’s administration of showing leadership as NASPA President where service persons allowances were increased from 243cedis to 350cedis. (February 2015, GNA). Again, even though the world market have seen dramatic decrease in the prices of fuel, but in our case, fuel prices are skyrocketing, and national service persons are not given any waiver. It can never be out of place to ask for an increment in our allowances or at worst waivers granted to service persons for free metro bus transportation every morning and evening with reduction in tarrifs paid by service persons. Indeed, is national service not national suffering?

It was alleged that per the increments in fuel prices and utility hikes, the allowances paid to us would be increased as well to cater for a portion of the expenses we make but it turned out not be true.

It seems to us that matters affecting Service Persons and students are not captured in the books of the designated institutions in the country. The first three months of service allowances delayed which was chaotic. Imagine a service person from Volta region who has been posted to Kintampo North to render a mandatory service and he is cash trapped. No one to turn to. At that time Dr. Kpessah White who is Acting as the director of the Scheme had abandoned post and was attending to matters that interest him.

We respectfully want to create a peaceful democratic and serene atmosphere around service persons and a friendly relationship with the Director of the Scheme. Service is not a paid job but do not loose sight of the current economic downturn nationwide and make amendment to your statement.

Our humble appeal to the Government is that, an upward adjustment of our GhS 350 allowances should be considered because the economic hardship affects all, national service included.

Long live NASPA!!!
Long live NSS!!!
Long live Ghana!!!!

Ato Brown Oyemam Eric ( EASTERN REGIONAL NASPA President 0244270888

Abdul-Rahim Abdulai
Northern Regional
NASPA President

Azika Joshua Abane
Upper East Regional NASPA Secretary 0200161679

Albert Elikem Fia
Naspa President
Volta Region

Adams Tawfiq Braimah
Upper West Regional NASPA President 0205457268

Ernest Duah Agyemang
Wassa West District NASPA President

Please,  we will be grateful for your assistance.
Best Regards
Ato Brown


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