Political science lecturer at the University of Ghana Dr. Michael Kpesah Whyte 300x203 Kpesah Whyte: There will be no second round in Friday?s polls

Dr. Michael Kpesah Whyte

Political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Michael Kpesah Whyte has revealed that, contrary to the predictions of a good number of Ghanaians, per his research of the nation?s political history and some voting trends, Friday?s polls will not go into a second round.

?I think it is very likely the election will be won after one round and not two as people are anticipating.?

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show, Dr Whyte said ?the party that will win, will have to win in not less than seven regions. However, if they end up splitting 6:4 thereabout, it is very likely the election will go into a second round but based on the data I have, we are going on Friday for one round,? he added.

Citing the possibility of voting to extend late into the evening because of the number of polling stations available, Dr Whyte noted there was the need for the Electoral Commission to make some adjustments to its rules covering the electoral process.

?If the EC is putting up multiple polling booths at polling centres rather than the usual one polling booth, they may correct this problem.?

Dr Whyte however disclosed that ?there is logic and rationale for why we have tried very hard to make sure that the election occurs between 7am and 5pm. We don?t want it to occur under the cover of darkness because that enhances the incentive structures of the various political parties to cause mischief?. We want the situation where everyone will start at the same time and end potentially at the same time,? he said.

?I have confidence in the EC because they have delivered well for our democracy since 1992 but there is no room for complacency. The situation I foresee is that the EC will have to find a way of making sure that polling stations that will run into the night will not be used as avenues for the political parties to cause mayhem,? he added.

Source Citi News Ghana


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