ArmyResidents of the Kpatinga Township in the Gushegu District in the Northern region continue to accuse government of conniving with the Dagbon Regent, Kampakuya Naa Andani to violate the roadmap to peace.

They believe the continuous use of security personnel to support the Kampakuya Naa to enskin new chiefs for vacant positions in the Dagbon traditional area is an indication of government’s interference in the work of the eminent chiefs mediating the Dagbon chieftaincy crisis.

A group of soldiers were reported to have stormed the Kpatinga Chief’s palace to impose a new chief on the residents of that area.

Iddrisu Sulemana is one of the aggrieved Kpatinga residents and he told Citi News “it means that the government is giving us the chief and he [government] is imposing that man onto us and putting him in the palace. I don’t think that is the right way to go about it in our tradition.”

He added that people have run away from the area and its left with just the military, the Kampakuya Naa and a few of his officials who witnessed the ceremony whereas in the previous enskinement ceremonies, there were lots of drumming and dancing.

“Here you wouldn’t see that, it’s the army and the police who have surrounded the house and they don’t want to see a single person near the palace.

Source: citifmonline


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