Kottakkal is a town positioned within the Malappuram District of Kerala. It is situated 12 km away from the town of Malappuram. Kotakkal is well known every one of the over India for its Ayurvedic Institute, the Arya Vaidya Sala. The festival of Kottakkal Pooram is celebrated in a grand method inside the Sree Viswambhara Temple and additionally attracts numerous individuals from the close areas as well as neighbouring states because well. Kottakkal, earlier known by the name Swetha Durgam, ended up being a military base for the kingdom of Valluvanad and additionally the home of the priest and also governing head, Karuvayoor Moosad. Kottakkal rulers fought from the British and additionally tried to stop their expansion; the two also waged war defending their land from Tipu Sultan. Scholars like Manorama Thampuratty and additionally Kunhikuttan Thamparan (who has translated the Mahabharatha), happened to be additionally from Kottakkal.

One of the significant contributors to Kerala’s tourism and also the major draw of the town is the Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, that is known for its Panchakarma method for treating several difficulties for example arthritis, spondylitis, mental disorders, rheumatism, weight, skin disorders etc, with Ayurvedic medication and additionally massage. The Vishwambara Temple is famous for the Kottakkal Pooram festival celebrated within the months of March or April for seven days. The festival is celebrated to honour Dhanvantari, who is the patron god of medicine as well as wellness. Throughout the celebration, cultural programmes by famous classical artists are really also organized inside the temple property. Kottakkal chanda sometimes known because Puthur Chanda has a colorful position in Kottakkal’s history. Kottakkal is fully depended upon Kottakkal chanda.Kizhakke kovilakam gave various spot to Muslims or mappilas of Parappanangadi as well as Tirurangadi for trade and additionally commerce.Firstly it had been situated in Kottakkal Bus stand.Later it changed to present destination. During the 1921, traders from Tirurangadi happened to be the very first informants of Mappila rebellion to Kottakkal area. Consequently mappilas happened to be marched to Tirurangadi from kottakkal and also gave a couple their very own contribution to rebellion In that time Betal leaf as well as greens was most significant commodity in marketplace.Local peoples had been sold their vegetabiles in marketplace. Gulabi (its a kind of tea) had been the most dependable holidays liquid for drink. The nearest airport to the place is Karipur International Airport, and is found at a distance of 36 km. The place does not have its own railway station; the closest one being at Malappuram Town, located at a distance of 12 km from Kottakkal tour package . Kottakkal experiences heavy rainfall through out the year. However, the climate of this destination remains pleasant and additionally hospitable. The best time to be here is amongst the months of June and August. You can select the holiday packages as per your suitability of cost and place to visit. There are many travel companies offering exotic vacations constituting all the facilities that a person requires in order to spend his vacation tension free. You can search on internet for all the relevant details regarding travel packages, in order to have better support for the good travel arrangement.

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