Ghana?s biggest club Kotoko have fired a damaging broadside at the country?s league sponsors Glo over their consistent failure to pay the sponsorship fees.

In a scathing attack, which is sure to wreak a massive damage on the brand of Glo, Kotoko called for legal action against the Nigerian telecommunication firm.

Glo has broken several promises of paying the clubs the about $5m outstanding for several months which has hindered plans of all the clubs in the country.

Frustration has been boiling over the failure of Glo to pay the amount despite a whopping 30% discount the Ghana FA granted the firm over the sponsorship amount.

Supporters of all the clubs in the country nearly embarked on a demonstration against Glo last month but the GFA pleaded for dialogue with the Nigerian firm which temporarily calmed tempers.

But with Glo reneging on its latest promise of paying the clubs this week, Kotoko wants the discount withdrawn while legal action is taken to collect the money.

?If we have my own ways that discount for Glo would be stopped immediately because it is a breach of faith and breach of the agreement,? Kotoko chairman Dr. K K Sarpong told Asempa FM.

?We took legal action against one of our sponsors over similar reasons and therefore the GFA should not hesitate in taking such an action.

?Glo must be responsible. They come up with excuses every day and we accommodate them but now things are getting out of hand.

?Sponsoring the league is not child?s play. The huge mileage benefits they have got from sponsoring by far outweigh what they have agreed to pay yet they are not paying up. This is shocking.

?If they don?t want to sponsor they should get out for someone to come in.

?If a big club like Kotoko is struggling financially just imagine what is happening to the small clubs.

?Just look at the way Glo are messing all the clubs up.

?We need to come out loud and clear and tell Glo to give us our money immediately.?

Glo were knocked out as the sponsors of the Nigerian league over their failure to pay sponsor fees in a similar way they are treating the Ghanaian top-flight.

Despite this frustrating way the Nigerian firm has forked out millions of dollars to be associated with Manchester United in England even though they don?t operate outside Africa.

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