Conditions at the nation?s premier hospital, the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital have grown from bad to worse, even under the watch of a new Board Chairman, Mr. Eddie Annan.

Eddie Annan
Eddie Annan

The Hospital which has faced serious setbacks in the past, had its Board Chairman, Professor Seth Aryeetey resigned and Mr. Eddie Annan brought in to turn the fortunes of the hospital around for the better.

But things seem to be getting out of hand, as Mr. Eddie Annan is losing grip of his responsibilities, and thereby resulting in serious trouble at the hospital.

Latest development which has exposed the alleged conspiracy at the hospital, has to do with the replacement of the Director of Administration.

On Thursday, September 27, 2012, the Board Chairman had the position of the Director of Administration advertised, when as a matter of fact, the position is under contention and the case currently pending before Court. This situation sent the hospital red, last week Thursday when concerned staff and the Health Services Administrators all cladded in red armbands in protest of the advertisement.

Health Services Administrators at the Hospital are much heated at the way and manner the Board Chairman, Eddie Annan is playing with the Administrative set up of the hospital, and hence have resolved to fight against the injustices which hitherto were taking place at the Hospital, and are being repeated under the current Board.

In view of this, Health Services Administrators have written a petition to the Ministry of Health, stating their position in that, the said advertisement seeks to recruit any graduate with a Social Science background to occupy the position of the trained Health Services Administrator (Director) which according to them, is a career succession profession duly recognized by the Ministry of Health.

They also pointed out that, ?Opening up the position to holders of Degree in Social Sciences will not only be against the Ministry of Health?s policy? but also subject the position to all manner of graduates regardless of their lines of specialization and background.?

The Administrators also contended that, since the change is the only social phenomenon that is constant, it has to be done in a way as not to jeopardize the status quo and open the system up for public ridicule. ?At least framers of the law are not ignorant and therefore insisted on trained Health Services Administrator and not any social scientist.?

?We also want to take the opportunity to inform you that the case of the Director of Administration whose position has been advertised is in the law court.?

In the light of all the above scenarios, the Administrators are calling for the withdrawal of the advertisement pending judgment of the court.

However, information received from sources close to the Hospital indicates that during a closed door meeting between the Board Chairman and some staff members he (Eddie Annan) gave all the assurance that the position of the Director of Administration will not be advertised until the court ruling, but surprisingly, turned on his words by allegedly giving the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) the opportunity to go ahead with the advertisement.

This singular alleged order from the Board Chairman to the CEO to advertise the position of the Director of Administration nearly sent the hospital on fire in his (Annan) absence.

Most of the Administrators are also of the view that the Board Chairman and the CEO have gone against laid down rules and regulations and as such, flouted the Ghana Health Service and Teaching Hospital?s Act (Act 525) of 1996, in that the Advertisement previously placed for the position of the Director of Administration is diluted this time round.

In the past however, the stated rule for advertising that position was ?Applicant must have a Degree in Administration (Health Services) or equivalent and a Master?s Degree in Management or in a relevant field. Five (5) years working experience at the level of Senior Managerial position with evidence of leadership and continuous professional development.?

However the new one reads, ??Applicant must have a First Degree in Social Sciences or Business Administration and a Master?s Degree in Business Administration or in a relevant field. Seven (7) years working experience at the level of Senior Managerial position with evidence of leadership and continuous professional development.?

There are allegations also that, there is some calculated plot to employ a relative of the Chief of Defense Staff to that position, creating confusion at the rank and file of the Hospital set up.

Allegations are also that Mr. Eddie Annan is contributing seriously to the disintegration of the Administrative set up of the Hospital, breaking down all the structures at the Hospital.

According to sources, there are also plans to take the office of the Supply Chain Manager and the Biomedical Scientist off the Hospital Administrative structure.

According to sources, Mr. Annan put together some Committees to look into the relevance of the office of the Supply Chain Manager and the Biomedical Scientist, towards the possibility of scrapping them out off the system.

An Administrator who spoke to this paper on anonymity explained that he doesn?t see the reason why a hospital like Korle-Bu which is about a 3000 bedded-capacity, cannot have a Supply Chain Manager.

?Look Okomfo Anokye Hospital is about a 1000 bedded-capacity hospital, but it has Supply Chain Manager and a Biomedical Scientist, and the system is running smoothly, why do we have to scrape these offices out from Korle-Bu, a bigger hospital? He asked.

It is not in doubt that relevant authorities have not taken into consideration advice given by the Association of Health Services Administrators of Ghana (AHSAG) at the time the brouhaha begun at the Hospital.

It is however true that the Korle-Bu Board has delegated authority from the Minister of Health for the execution of the provisions in the Act, (Act 525) and it thus follows that administrative changes affecting the governance of the hospital must have the prior approval of the Minister of Health within the context of the Act and other Administrative Instruments of the MoH.

However, it was alleged that nothing of that sort was done, and the office of the Director of Administration, established by law, was made synonymous with the officer holding that position.

The CEO and the Board Chairman at the time, allegedly made the shortcomings of the officer paramount to the effect that they necessitated changes in the established structures as being implemented by the Hospital Board.


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