As a member of the National Democratic Congress and a youth activist , i believe it is my duty to raise red flags when party members especially those in positions of trust and authority? take the people for a ride and also our party members who work hard are virtually ignored.

Koku Anyidoho
Koku Anyidoho

I have been vilified and insulted in the past for telling the truth as it is. If telling the truth would make enemies for me and strengthen my party then so be it. I make no apologies in exposing what is wrong.

I have commented in the past about the need for our party members to make sacrifices and sell the party especially the President John Evans Atta Mills in a positive light. However it seems my advice fell on deaf ears.

I read on Ghanaweb sometime ago that Koku Anyidoho, our spokesperson for the president had bought some shares in a radio station in the UK. I was not surprised. I have previously warned colleagues at the castle especially Dr Valerie Sawyer, Deputy Chief of staff, and Honourable Mike Hammah about this man and how his actions and corrupt practices at the castle will bring our party to ruin.

In November, I received credible information that Mr Koku Anyidoho was building a 6 bedroom house at Oyarifa, which is currently being painted . I and other NDC youth wing members working at the National Service Secretariat have been to the site at Oyarifa ?and it is a fantastic house, fit for a king. I am reliably informed as well ?that he has almost finished paying for two ?4 bedroom houses at Trasacco valley. How come within a short space of time a young man could acquire so much wealth speaking for our President?

I informed our National Chairman Dr Kwabena Adjei and one of the elders of the party Alhaji Huudu Yahaya about this and they promised to investigate. I heard nothing from them again.

It is a mystery how within 3 years, Koku Anyidoho has acquired all these mansions and properties, considering he was a mere cashier in a bank before 2008.

I am really worried about the actions of some of our party members may cost us this election if steps are not taken by President Mills and the National Executive committee to stop their behaviour.


Charles Agbenadza Hodasi

National Service Secretariat



An extremely worried NDC supporter.


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